Dynasty Warriors 4

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New Features

  1. This page will contain a list of things new to Dynasty Warriors 4 More characters, the total number is up to 42
  2. Changed weapon system, each character now only has one weapon and it levels up with experience, final weapons (now 10th instead of 4th) still have to be obtained by doing a set procedure on a certain level
  3. Some levels now use the same part of an overall bigger map
  4. Musou mode is now a kingdom based one, one for Shu, Wei and Wu. You can change characters after each battle and carry on playing.
  5. Unaligned characters now also have musou modes
  6. New items
  7. Orbs have been introduced to replace the element effect on weapons, now you can choose what element you take
  8. Officers can carry 4, 5 or 6 items depending on whether they're a fighter, warriors or strategists
  9. In some stages officers will challenge you to a duel, if you accept you'll be taken off the field to an arena where you'll have 45 seconds to defeat the enemy general
  10. CAW mode, and the characters created have Musou Modes
  11. Now if an enemy flies into you from an attack that knocks down other soldiers, you will get knocked down as well, in DW3 you wouldn't get knocked down in this manner at all


Tenth Weapons


Dim Sum & Musuo Wine Locations

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