Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends

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Background Info

New Features

  • DW5:XL comes with new features, some have been inclded in past games but some are entirely new to the series. Destiny Mode - a new RPG mode in which you start as an ordinary soldier, work your way up to become a legendary warrior. The story will be open ended, you can learn new skills as your levels go up. Experience a lot of events and contact with other warriors.
  • Legend Mode - 18 new scenarios based on the Romance of Three Kingdom stories for every warrior
  • Xtreme Mode - each warrior will have a number of short scenarios, the fields are automatically generated. 2 players can play the Xtreme Mode simultaneously. There are powerup items that can only be obtained in this mode.
  • Edit Mode - you can create your own officer to use in other game modes.
  • Challenge Mode - contains all the challenges from the past game, plus 4 new courses
  • The CAW mode makes a return

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