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In this game 4 different orbs will be used to bestow extra powers to your attacks. This is a decrease from the 6 orbs used in DW4 but the lightning element, which has also appeared in all games since element introduction like fire, is no longer present in the game. In a twist to the orb system, they are now no longer randomly picked up in battle. They are now more like the special items in that you must fulfil certain conditions in a particular battle to obtain them. These must all be obtained on Hard mode.


Fire Orb

The Fire element has been around since elements were introduced into the Dynasty Warriors series. When an enemy is set on fire they will continue to burn until they hit the ground, losing small amounts of health all the time they are alight. Higher level orbs will increase the damage done and this element is very dangerous in the hands of characters who have the ability to juggle enemies well with their attacks. This orb does not need a full musou bar to be in effect.

Obtained at: Battle of Si Shui Gate, Allied side
Obtained by: Killing 200 soldiers within 2 minutes of the start, going to the middle to clear out grouped soldiers is a good strategy as there are plenty there

Ice Orb

The Ice Orb will allow you to freeze enemy soldiers, with a random chance of working, in their tracks making them unable to attack or defend. When frozen, your target will also have a lowered defense meaning that all your attacks will do more damage. This orb does not need a full musou bar to be in effect.

Obtained at: Battle of Guan Du, Yuan Shao's side
Obtained by: Killing Cao Pi before Guan Yu kills Yan Liang and Wen Chou

Light Orb

This breaks the enemy's guard allowing you to cause actual damage, could prove very useful on harder difficulties where the amount of enemies guarding for extended periods of time is higher. This orb doesn't require a full musou bar to be in effect.

Obtained at: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, Shu side
Obtained by: Kill Zhen Ji, Cao Ren, and Xu Zhu within 5 minutes at the start as well as the catapault captain but do not kill Sima Yi. Can only be done with Player 1.

Shadow Orb

This is supposed to be like the Vorpal element from DW4 in that it will cause instant death to regular soldiers with a certain percentage of success. Enemy generals will lose a certain percentage of their health bar depending on the strength of the general. But in a new twist to lower the power of this element it is said to use up some of your musou gauge with every hit. This orb requires a full musou bar to be in effect.

Obtained at: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains, Wei side
Obtained by: Kill Jiang Wei before Zhuge Liang dies. Can only be done with Player 1.

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