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There are five story mode paths to pursue in Warriors Orochi 2.


Kingdom of Shu Story

  • Starters: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xing Cai, Sun Shang Xiang, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Tadakatsu Honda, Inahime, Hanzo Hattori and Yoshimoto Imagawa
  • Affiliates: Taigong Wang, Zuo Ci, Zhao Yun, Wei Yan, Lu Xun, Mitsuhide Akechi, Gracia, Zhang Liao, Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying

Shu Chapter 1

Stage: Battle of Shi Ting
Factions: Shu Army & Taigong Wang Army vs Da Ji Army
Difficulty: One star
Caption: Thwart the enemy's plans! Reinforcements are on the way, if you can make it through the crisis!

Shu Chapter 2

Stage: Battle of Saika
Factions: Shu Army & Zhao Yun Army vs Date Army
Difficulty: Two stars
Caption: The key to this battle lies in the garrisons. Run the enemy into the ground by speedily executing your plans!

Shu Chapter 3

Stage: Battle of Nagashino
Factions: Shu Army & Lu Xun Army vs Lu Bu Army
Difficulty: Two stars
Caption: Stop the demon of the battlefield, and turn the tide in your favor!

Shu Chapter 4

Stage: Battle of Wuhang Mountains
Factions: Shu Army & Akechi Army vs Sun Wukong Army
Difficulty: Three stars
Caption: Rescue the Akechi family from the clutches of the enemy! Speed will be your greatest asset!

Shu Chapter 5

Stage: Battle of Jia Meng Gate
Factions: Shu Army & Zhang Liao Army vs Taira Army
Difficulty: Three stars
Caption: Stand bravely against the might of the enemy! Now is the time for the Blue Dragon to roar!

Shu Chapter 6

Stage: Battle of Odani Castle
Factions: Shu Army & Zhuge Liang Army vs Da Ji Army
Difficulty: Four stars
Caption: Avoid the myriad of enemy traps and seize the fortress of Odani castle!

Shu Chapter 7

Stage: Battle of Koshi Castle
Factions: Shu Army vs Taira Army
Difficulty: Four stars
Caption: Break through the chaos and find Kiyomori. His ritural to revive Orochi must be stopped at all costs!

Shu Chapter 8

Stage: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Factions: Shu Army vs Orochi Army
Difficulty: Five stars
Caption: The final battle... Unite, and defeat the Serpent King!

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