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This page will contain a list of how to get each of the 42 characters' 10th and most powerful weapons. Note that some weapons can only be obtained in musou mode, if it doesn't say then you can obtain the weapon in musou or free mode.

  • You must have the General's 9th weapons and be playing on Hard mode to get the 10th weapon.
    Kingdom of Shu
    • Guan Yu - Battle of Fan Castle - Defeat all generals and sub-generals including the reinforcements.
    • Huang Zhong - Jian Ye - Defeat Huang Gai, Taishi Ci, or Zhou Tai to obtain the next generation Sun event. After the event, defeat Sun Quan, Sun Ce, and Sun Shang Xiang and then kill the real Sun Jian.
    • Jiang Wei - Tian Shui Musou Mode Only - Enter both castles from the outside by defeating Cao Ren, Wang Lang, Yin Shang, and Liang Xu.
    • Liu Bei - Battle of Ru Nan - Defeat Li Dian before Xiahou Yuan appears and defeat Xiahou Yuan before Guan Yu appears. After defeating both generals, go meet up with Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu in that order and then defeat all remaining enemy generals.
    • Ma Chao - Cheng Du Musou Mode Only - Defeat Pang De and Ma Dai.
    • Pang Tong - Luo Castle - Go to the northwest castle gate to get a message about the gates not opening. Defeat either Liu Kuei or Zhang Yi to enrage Zhang Ren and as a result Zhang Ren will attack. Fall back to the bridge and get the bomb preparation message. Stay at the bridge until the bridge until it's destroyed in a cut-scene and then defeat Zhang Ren.
    • Wei Yan - Campaign for Jing - Defeat Xing Rong, Liu Du, Liu Xian and Yang Ling which will get Huang Zhong out of the castle and then defeat Huang Zhong. You must do all this before defeating Jin Xuang.
    • Yue Ying - Nanman Compaign - Defeat all Nanman generals except Wu Tugu), Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan. Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel and defeat Meng Huo 6 times, at least once in a duel. When you start fighting Wu Tugu, Zhuge Liang will say he has a plan and a fire arrow event will happen. This should get you the 10th weapon.
    • Zhang Fei - Battle Of Chang Ban - Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En and Xiahou De. Protect Liu Bei to the bridge and wait on the bridge for the enemy to arrive. Zhang Fei's shouting cut-scene should happen as well as Liu Chan's location appearing. Ride a horse to save him and defeat Xiahou Yuan. Zhao Yun and Liu Bei must survive the battle.
    • Zhao Yun - Bo Wan Po - Follow Zhuge Liang's orders exactly and lead him to Cao Cao so they meet up.
    • Zhuge Liang - Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains Musou Mode Only - In musou mode, select Jie Ting before Wu Zhang Plains so you will get a supply unit in Wu Zhang Plains. Start the stage by going to Zhang He and defeating him. Then go to the enemy base to get the taunt event which will make the supply unit appear. Defeat Xiahou Dun and protect the supply unit so it reaches the enemy base. Shortly after reaching the enemy base, a message will appear.

    Kingdom of Wei

    • Cao Cao - Battle of Chi Bi - See through Pang Tong's trick by going to him. Stop the wind praying event by killing Zhuge Liang. Defeat Lu Meng and Gan Ning before Huang Gai appears. Defeat Huang Gai before he does the fire attack to obtain the weapon.
    • Cao Ren - Battle of Fan Castle - Destroy all vechicles without losing the castle and then defeat Lu Meng. This is far easier said than done.
    • Dian Wei - Battle of Wan Castle - Defeat Hu Chu Er and then get Zhang Xiu to retreat . Reach Cao Cao to get a cut-scene, then help Cao Cao move on his path until a dead end. Xu Zhu will then appear in a cut-scene and weapon is earned.
    • Sima Yi - Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Defeat Zhang Yi, Wei Yan, Guan Xing and Ma Chao to get Zhuge Liang's fake death event and Wei to do a full attack.
    • Xiahou Dun - Xia Pi - Get the Xiahou Dun shot by arrow cut-scene and then defeat Diao Chan.
    • Xiahou Yuan - Battle of Mt. Ding Jun - Defeat Chen Shi at the start during the character exchange. Then Defeat Huang Zhong.
    • Xu Huang - Battle of Guan Du - Defeat both Yan Liang and Wen Chou so Yuan Shao's troop appears. Then wait for Guan Yu to meet Liu Bei so they both retreat and allow the forts to fall so Cao Cao will retreat to the bottom castle. Once Cao Cao gets in the castle the gates will be closed. Wait until the enemy gets near the castle so ramming vehicles will appear. Wait for the "supply is found" message and then help Cao Cao on a horse into the fort. Defeat Chun Yu Quiong and enemy reinforcements will appear. Once your castle falls, defeat the reinforcements and Zhang He should defect.
    • Xu Zhu - Battle Of Tong Gate - Defeat Pang De and Ma Dai as well as getting Han Sui to defect.
    • Zhang He - Battle of Jie Ting - Defeat all of Ma Su's sub generals to get the surrounded message then defeat Ma Su. Then defeat all remaining Shu generals and sub-generals.
    • Zhang Liao - Battle of Hu Lao Gate Lu Bu's Musou Mode Only - Defeat Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Jian in the battle of Si Shui Gate. In Hu Lao Gate run straight to either Cao Cao, Sun Jian or Liu Bei without killing ANY enemy generals. Once you get close you will get a fire event inside your castle. Then defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao and Liu Bei in any order.
    • Zhen Ji - Chang Ban - Defeat Zhao Yun and then wait for the bridge yell event from Zhang Fei. Defeat Zhang Fei in a duel and then defeat Mi Zhu, Liu Qi and Guan Yu which will stop Liu Bei from escaping. Finally defeat Zhuge Liang.

    Kingdom of Wu

    • Da Qiao - Xu Chang - Clear Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi and Dian Wei without the ramp or supply depot being destroyed.
    • Gan Ning - Battle of Xia Kou - Defeat Su Fei and Chen Shen/Gan Ning, then wait for gunpowder to be discovered on the northern ship. Go to the gunpowder to set the ship on fire. Defeat Chen Ji, Deng Long, Zhang Hu and Cai Mao before the burning ship meets the southern ship.
    • Huang Gai - Battle of Chi Bi - Capture all enemy gates before doing the fire attack. After doing the fire attack, defeat Cao Hong, Cao Pi and Cao Ren in any order.
    • Lu Meng - Mai Castle - Allow Liao Hua to get reinforcements. Defeat all enemy sub generals and generals (make sure Zhang Fei is last) except Guan Yu. Don't allow Guan Yu to escape.
    • Lu Xun - Yi Ling - Make the fire attack succeed, enter and escape the Stone Warrior formation.
    • Sun Ce - Jiang Dong - Defeat Liang Gang and then waiting for Zhou Yu to retreat as well as the ally supply fort to fall. After the fort falls defeat Yue Jin, Chen Ji and Yuan Shao. Liu Xun will withdraw to Ji Ling. Follow Liu Cun to Ji Ling and he will swear revenage, then head back to the fort. Beat Liu Xun back to the fort.
    • Sun Jian - Search for the Imperial Seal - Defeat Diao Chan, Li Jue, Lu Bu and Zhang Liao in any order. Don't break any boxes until you defeat the generals.
    • Sun Quan - Battle of He Fei - Defeat Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan. Bridge destroyed event and Sun Jian gets isolated. Defeat Li Dian to allow Sun Jian to jump bridge in a cut-scene. Zhang Liao ambushes, defeat Zhang Liao.
    • Sun Shang Xiang - Nan Territory - Enter the castle by defeating Wang Lang. Zhou Yu will get shot be an arrow shortly after and leave the battle. After he leaves the battle Cao Ren will leave the castle and attack. Defeat Cao Ren.
    • Taishi Ci - Wu Territory - Get Yu Mi to retreat and catch him before the fort gate closes. Then defeat both Yu Mi and Zhang Ying. A saddle helps tremendously.
    • Xiao Qiao - Cheng Du - Defeat Ma Su by entering the north castle. Then defeat Guan Ping and Guan Yu who are in the forest ambushing and finally defeat Ma Chao who reinforces once you reach the left edge of the map.
    • Zhou Tai - Nanman Campaign - Defeat Wu Tugu and enter enemy base before Dong Tu Ne and Ahui Nan defect.
    • Zhou Yu - Battle of Fan Castle - Wait for enemy supply unit to appear and defeat the captain.

    Unaligned Officers

    • Diao Chan - Si Shui Gate - Wait until Hua Xiong is defeated and defeat Sun Jian and then Cao Cao.
    • Dong Zhou - Lu Bu's Revolt - Defeat absolutely everyone except Lu Bu.
    • Lu Bu - Lu Bu's Revolt - Defeat Absolutely everyone, including all ambush troops, except Dong Zhou.
    • Meng Huo - Cheng Du - Defeat Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Yue Ying, Jiang Wei, Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu in any order.
    • Yuan Shao - Guan Du - Go to the bottom castle to make the seige weapon appear. Protect the seige weapon until castle falls.
    • Zhang Jiao - Yellow Turban Rebellion - Defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals, kill He Jin last. After you defeat He Jin, Dong Zhou will reinforce and you'll need to defeat Hua Xiong. Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang must survive until you get the weapon.
    • Zhu Rong - Xu Chang - Defeat Man Chong and wait for the ladder vehicle to appear. Defeat everything near the ladder so it gets set up then defeat Xiahou Dun and Cao Zhang.

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