Create A Warrior

Create A Warrior, also known as CAW and Edit Mode, is the area of Dynasty Warriors where players create their own character. First introduced in Dynasty Warriors 4, it is avaliable in Dynasty Warriors 4, Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends, Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires and Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 4

Being the first game to contain an Edit Mode, options were limited. There were 3 pieces of armor to mix and match for the head, chest and legs, varying on gender. Weapons were also limited, and most were based on movesets from existing characters. An advantage of Created Warriors was that they were playable on all 7 Musou Modes.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires and Dynasty Wariors 4: Xtreme Legends

Similiar to that of Dynasty Warriors 4, Edit Mode in these two games contained a few more weapons to wield, and clothing to wear. But they still used the same basic system.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme Legends and Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires

Beginning with Xtreme Legends, Edit Mode now played an important role in the game. The newly added Destiny Mode made players create a Warrior, and choose under whom they wished to serve. New features were changeable, including height, size, face, hair style, and voice. Players had to play through Destiny Mode and achieve certain feats to earn new outfits. Weapons could be easily changed, and those avaliable were from the entire character list, the Rapier and the Greatsword, used by Nu Wa and Fu Xi respectively.

With the release of Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, Edit Mode was also a major feature. Created characters could be placed as leaders of kingdoms, and could randomly appear in battle under another force. All outfits were unlocked in Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires.

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