Deng Ai

Deng Ai
Styled Name Shizai
Lifespan 197-264 A.D. (67 years)
Birth Place Yiyang, Hunan Province

[edit] Background

Deng Ai(Shizai)(197-264 AD) A Wei officer. A talented officer discovered by Sima Yi, he was active in the Shu Campaign. He teamed up with Zhong Hui to destroy Shu, but later fought with him. Thanks to Zhong Hui's accusations, he is captured and while being escorted away, is assassinated.

[edit] History

Deng Ai lost his father while still a boy. Studying texts on battle orders and manuevers, he mastered the art of warfare at a young age. It was said that upon seeing a high hill or a wide dale, he would instinctively size up the best places for massing troops, for storing grain, for placing ambushes, and so forth. Sima Yi highly valued his ability and had him take part in his strategic decisions. He soon was appointed to the position of Imperial Inspector of Yanzhou.

At Didao, Deng Ai helped repel Jiang Wei's seige on the city by tricking him with decoy fires and drummer units. Afterwards Chen Tai announced Deng Ai's achievements to the Wei ruler, Cao Mao, who appointed Ai General who Protects the Eastern Qiang. He was then able to surprise and defeat Jiang Wei at Nan'an, forcing the Riverlands army to retreat back to Hanzhong. Well pleased with Deng Ai, Sima Zhao sent an envoy authorized to raise his rank and award him the seal of his higher office. In addition, the court honored Deng Ai's song, Deng Zhong, as a precinct lord.

When Jiang Wei again led the Riverlands army on a march against the Wei kingdom Deng Ai met and held him at the city of Longwall. Deng Aiproceded to build his camp against the River Wei and issued orders to avoid battle until reinforcements came and the Riverlands army ran out of grain. Four or five times Deng Ai refused Jiang Wei's written and verbal challenges to do battle. Soon news revealed the defeat of the Southern offensive into Wei and the approach of Sima Zhao with reinforcements, causing Jiang Wei to break camp and retreat. Deng Ai chose not to pursue deciding that his army would only be ambushed. Later when he sent scouts to check they found remains of firewood piled at narrow points along the Riverlands retreat path intended to be used to surprise the Wei army with fire. Sima Zhou well pleased with the outcome of the fighting rewarded him again.

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