Deng Zhong

[edit] Background

Deng Zhong The song of Deng Ai. After his father's victory at Nan'an he was honored as a precinct lord. At Longwall Deng Zhong rode out to meet Jiang Wei, who believed him to be Deng Ai. After several passes neither had gained the upper hand. Jiang Wei attempted to shoot him with an arrow, but Deng Zhong took notice and ducked out of the way. As he rode up to attack, Jiang Wei was able to wrench Zhong's spear from his grasp. Weaponless, Deng Zhong raced back towards his line with Jiang Wei following him until from the line his father shouted out, "Jiang Wei, you low-down rogue! Don't chase my boy! Deng Ai is here for you!" With that, Jiang Wei realised that he had been fighting Deng Zhong and not Deng Ai and left off the attack.

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