Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires
DW4 Empires coverart.jpg
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires cover artwork
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Series NA Dynasty Warriors
JP Shin Sangokumusou
Native resolution Unknown
Version 1.00 (PS2)
Platform(s) Playstation 2
Release date JP March 18, 2004
NA August 31, 2004
Genre(s) Third-person Action-Adventure, Hack & Slash
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (Offline)
Rating(s) OFLC: M15+
PEGI: 12+
Media 1 DVD-ROM
Input methods Console Controller

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (abbreviated to DW4:E) is a hack & slash legacy developed by KOEI.


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Return to Ancient China to conquer 25 regions and build an entire Empire using cunning diplomacy and uncompromising force.

[edit] New Features

Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires is a totally different game than any previously seen in this series of games. This game is not 100% hack and slash, there's more to winning a battle than that in this game. Every general is playable in this game, but only the previously playable ones in Dynasty Warriors 4 will have unique attacks, everyone else will have a generic attack based on the weapon they're holding. Likely you'll have seen the attacks from the NPCs in the previous game.

  • You can choose which general in your group you want to play as for a particular map
  • Each officer has its own Skill it can use in battle
  • You can hire officers from the force that you just defeated, but doing so will cost money
  • Controlling the gates is important because it will stop frequent enemy attacks
  • Create-A-Warrior Mode has been dramatically upgraded

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