Fifth Weapons SW1

Information on how to get 5th weapons for the 15 characters as well as CAW weapons. When a supply team appears you must defeat the captain to obtain the weapon and then complete the stage.


[edit] Yukimura Sanada

    At the Siege of Osaka-Summer, obtain 1000 kills.

[edit] Hanzo Hattori

    On the Battle of Mikatagahara stage, defeat Nobushige Oyamada, then Masakage Yamagata and Masatoyo Naito and then Nobufusa Baba. The crane formation must be held so protect it. Once you've done that you must take all the enemy gates and the supply team will then appear in the southeastern area.

[edit] Oichi

    At the Battle of Anegawa, first defeat Ieyasu Tokugawa and then defeat Kazumasa Ishikawa and Tadatsugu Sakai. After that take out Mitsuhide Akechi and Keiji Maeda as well as anyone else you come across. Eventually Oichi will say she wants to talk to Noh. Go to where Noh is and she will attack you, defeat her. This will cause your army to charge and Nobunaga's reinforcements to arrive. Defeat all the sub-generals in the reinforcements and a supply team will show up in the southwest of the map.

[edit] Kenshin Uesugi

    At Kawanakajima Showdown, you need to first occupy Kaizu Castle and then defeat Hanzo Hattori before he takes your camp. Then defeat Yukimura Sanada before he takes Kaizu Castle. Retreat when you are told . When you are told to charge the enemy camp do so in under 60 seconds. The supply team will then show up at the East of the map and head north.

[edit] Mitsuhide Akechi

    At the Battle of Yamasaki, upper path you first must defeat Kazuuji Nakamura and the guard captains at Mt. Ten-oh. Then defeat Kiyohide Nakagawa and Shigetomo Takayama and clear Mt. Ten-Oh of all enemies. A supply team will then show up near the enemy commander and head north. Both of your guards at Mt. Ten-Oh must survive.

[edit] Magoichi Saika

    At the Battle of Echizen, defeat Katsuie Shibata and Nobumori Sakuma in under 2 minutes. Then snipe Mitsuhide as instructed and help the Pilgrims escape. The supply team will appear in the southwest area and head north.

[edit] Ranmaru Mori

    At the Betrayl at Honnouji, complete the Blockade and Flames of Vengence missions. You must have beaten story mode with Ranmaru Mori at least once before attempting this.

[edit] Masamune Date

    At Attack on Honnouji (Date's version), get to the temple before Mitsuhide Akechi does. Then defeat all of his generals and him. Afterwards defeat all of Nobunaga's generals and a supply team will appear in the middle of the map and head southeast. Note that this stage is VERY difficult and if you do not have a very strong character your chances of succeeding will be very slim, equipping all 5 books will give you a fighting chance.

[edit] Keiji Maeda

    At Kawanakajima Challenge you must single handedly defeat all of Kenshin's generals and sub-generals. None of your allies or player 2 must get the killing blow.

[edit] Shingen Takeda

    At Kawanakajima Showdown, defeat the enemies at Zenkouji and protect Mt. Chausu from Masamune Date. Defeat Hanzo Hattori before he takes Kaizu Castle and beat Keiji Maeda. Whittle Kenshin's generals down to 6 and you'll have to charge his camp in under 60 seconds of being told to do so. A supply team will appear to the southwest.

[edit] Okuni

    At the Danse of Ise, stay with Goemon at all times. Defeat Ranmaru Mori, Akechi Mitsuhide and Hanzo Hattori to get the weapon, a supply team will appear in the center of the map and you can now leave Goemon's side.

[edit] Goemon Ishikawa

    At Osaka Infiltration, collect enough gold to make it to the second floor. On the second floor follow the mission and if you complete it in under 5 minutes you will get a report that the weapon is in front of the stairs to the third floor. Get it and complete the level to obtain the weapon.

[edit] Noh

    At Betrayl at Honnouji (upper path) , go west and to the southwest gate of the main hall and defeat the Defense Captain. Then defeat Nobunaga Oda all in under 5 minutes. A supply team will appear in the west and head south-east.

[edit] Nobunaga Oda

    At the Battle of Okehazema, complete the first mission but fail the second one. Then defeat Yoshimoto's generals and get to Yoshimoto's camp before Hanzo Hattori does. A supply team will appear north of the camp and head south.

[edit] Kunoichi

    At Rescue at Ueda Castle stage, get to the 5th floor in under 3 minutes 45 seconds without defeating any enemies. The weapon will be in a box in a room to the northeast.

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