Horses SW2:E

[edit] Matsukaze

You must use policy cards that will result in a positive reflection on your leadership in order to gain this horse. Matsukaze, when awarded to you out of thanks by the peasants, will have Maxed Stamina, Power, and Speed Stats. Its the only horse in the game that is Maxed.

[edit] Persian Mare

To obtain the Persian Mare you must use the policy card for Chinese Trade in order to obtain the horse. Continually use it until you obtain the horse and this mare will have Maxed Stamina and Speed Stats while nearly having its Power Maxed as well. However it has a special skill called Ferus which acts as a fire orb when you run into enemies, catching them on fire.

[edit] Moon Child

You must do the same with the Moon Child as you did with the Persian Mare. After you obtain this horse it will have the inverse Stats of the Persian Mare (Maxed Speed with nearly having Maxed Stamina and Power Stats). This horse's special skill is the No Fall skill which stops you from being dismounted by anything ranging from peons to archers to musketeers.

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