Hou Cheng

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Style Name Unknown
Lifespan Unknown
Kingdom Lu Bu's Forces, Wei
Weapon Sword
Significant Battle Xia Pi
First Appearance Dynasty Warriors 4

Hou Cheng was a cavalry commander under Lu Bu and would later defect to Cao Cao during the Battle of Xiapi.

[edit] History

[edit] Background

Hou Cheng Officer under Lu Bu. Was given fifty cuts by Lu Bu after presenting his ruler wine during a banning of alcohol. Conceived plan with Song Xian and Wei Xu to turn over their horrible ruler over to Cao Cao. Hou Cheng also stole the prized horse Red Hare to give to Cao Cao.

[edit] Role in Games

In Dynasty Warriors 4, Hou Cheng would make his debut. When the player on the Wei side wounds Hou Cheng, the retainer will begin to have second thoughts on severing Lu Bu. During Lu Bu's story, he gets a better role in the story.

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