Jiang Wei

Jiang Wei
Jiang Wei dw5.png
Character Model (DW5)
Styled Name Boyue
A.K.A. N/A
Lifespan 202-264 A.D. (62 years)
Birth Place Ji County, Tian Shui Prefecture
Kingdom Shu
Weapon Trident

[edit] Background

Jiang Wei(Boyue)(202-264 A.D.) A general of Wei during the later part of the Three Kingdoms time period. During Zhuge Liang's first northern invasion, he captures Jiang Wei's mother and uses him as leverage to win Jiang Wei to his side. When Jiang Wei's commanding officer accuses him of planning to defect, he is left with no choice but to join the Riverlands army. Praised by Kongming for his deep understanding of strategy and battle maneuvers, Jiang Wei becomes a prominent general of the Shu-Han Empire. After Kongming's death, Jiang Wei becomes the Prime Minister of the Shu-Han and is placed in command over all Riverlands troops. He leads several invasions into the heart of northern Wei.

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