Liu Bei

Liu Bei
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Xuande
A.K.A. The Imperial Uncle
Lifespan 161-223 A.D. (62 years)
Birth Place Zhou County, Zhou District
Weapon Dual Swords

[edit] History

[edit] Background

Liu Bei ( Xuande ) ( 161 AD - 223AD ) Founder of the Shu-Han dynasty. He became an oath brother with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and was considered by Emperor Xian to be his uncle, although this is not entirely true because Liu Bei was only his distant relative, it still earned him the title of Imperial Uncle. After the fall of Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei helped out Lu Bu, but he later rebelled against the Imperial Uncle. Liu Bei and his brothers then went to go successfully persuade the scholar, Zhuge Liang, to join their ranks. After being defeated by Cao Cao many times, Liu Bei went to Sun Quan and Zhou Yu of Wu to collaborate and give Wei a big defeat at the Battle of the Red Cliffs.

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