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Lu Bu ( Lu Fengxian ) ( 156 AD - 199 AD ) was one of the most feared warriors in the Three Kingdoms period. He was brought up by his adoptive father, Ding Yuan, whom he betrayed for the infamous horse Red Hare and an ample amount of gold. When he joined the ranks of Dong Zhuo he performed many extraordinary tasks, such as fighting Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei all at the same time. But also while under the tyrant, he fell in love with the concubine Diao Chan, who was then given to Dong Zhuo. So to get the mistress, he killed Dong Zhuo. This was all a plan conceived by Diao Chan's adoptive father Wang Yun to rid China of Dong Zhuo. Lu Bu then went off on his own; fighting mostly Cao Cao. In 198 AD he was betrayed by his own men, and executed by Cao Cao.


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