Renbu System DW6

The newly introduced combo system, Renbu, allows players to connect together an unlimited amount of attacks! Quick attacks, a powerful attack, and an avoiding attack.

1. The gauge and rank - The gauge and Renbu rank are displayed in the bottom left corner. The gauge corresponds to the gauge itself, and the number corresponds with the guage as well. The Renbu ranks up when the gauge becomes full, which can be done by attacking the enemies.

2. The relationship between the number of Renbu and the Renbu gauge itself - The number displayed is the number of Renbu. This number shows how many times the player has continuously fought the opponents. Bearing in mind, the higher the number, the quicker it will rise. Making the number rank up even further.

3. The basic style of Renbu - Attacking the enemies fiercely with a strong attack will make the gauge decrease. The recommended style of play is to attack the enemy without stopping. How you will do this is by forcing the enemy attacks to a halt and by using the avoiding technique, allowing you to progress without receiving damage.

4. Additional Information - There is a limit at the start, and that is the number 2. The rank will rise as your progress through the game using that character as you unlock certain nodes on their Skill Trees. There is also an item called the 'infinite renbu' which gives you an infinite renbu (max level) for 30 seconds during which time your attacks are a lot more powerful.

If you have not attacked any opposition after a while then the renbu you have gathered soon goes down which further limits you to how many combo attacks you are able to do, there is a special item which on a horse renbu doesn't decrease while riding, but without this when moving around not attacking the enemy the renbu bar will continue to go down, so to consistently get high combo attacks you have to keep the chain up to ensure the renbu bar doesn't drop.

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