Save Point Locations

In Dynasty Warriors 2, you can save your game mid battle, but only if you find a save location, hidden in a crate and symbolied by a PS2 Memory Card. This page gives the locations of most of these for every level.


[edit] Yellow Turban Rebellion

  • Behind the gate that opens after you defeat Cheng Yuanzhi
  • At the mouth of the valley in which Zhang Bao summons the magical wind near Zhang Man Cheng's starting point
  • Behind the gate that opens after you defeat Bo Zhang
  • Under one of the pagodas close to Zhang Jiao's mountain fortress on the lower level

[edit] Hu Lao Gate

[edit] Guan Du

[edit] Chang Ban

  • At the north end of the southern village
  • Near Cao Cao's southeastern gate, where Liu Bei fights Li Dian as he starts to retreat
  • In a bunch of pots and crates at the northeastern area where Liu Bei's reinforcements arrive

[edit] Chi Bi

  • Northwest of Sun Quan's starting point, along the coast
  • East a bit of the one above
  • At Dian Wei's starting point
  • Western side of the camp where Cao Cao starts
  • Just north of Cao Ren's starting point, where Lu Xun arrives

[edit] He Fei

  • Near a bridge with a watchtower on the west side of the map
  • Very near the location where Taishi Ci, Xu Zhu, and Cao Ren all get in a big fight
  • Directly west of Zhang He's starting point
  • Close to Yu Jin's starting point
  • In the narrow valley that leads from the center of the map to Zhang Liao's starting point

[edit] Yi Ling

[edit] Wu Zhang Plains

  • At the gate where Guan Suo is located
  • At the gate where Lei Tong is located
  • Northwestern part of the map, near where Zhang Liao starts
  • Near Cao Cao's eastern gate that is north of the river
  • At the foot of the valley where Sima Yi activates a rockslide tramp
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