Toukichi (right) striking Guan Yu (left)

Toukichi is a bobble-headed joke character hidden within Dynasty Warriors.

[edit] Behind the Name: Toukichi's True Identity

It is believed that the giant-headed samurai is a goofy caricature of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The name, Toukichi, appears to be a play on one of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's many assumed names during his lifetime. At the beginnings of his career, Hideyoshi took up the name Tokichiro Kinoshita when he joined with the Imagawa clan.

Tokichiro --> Toukichi

Combine the clues and it becomes almost indefensible proof. From the same time period, Hideyoshi's lord, Nobunaga Oda, also appears as a guest fighter. Plus the portrayal of Toukichi is a giveaway. A huge head to symbolize his massive ambition and ego perhaps?

[edit] Toukichi the Fighter

Wielding a katana, Toukichi fights in an agressive, wide-swinging sword attacks.

Toukichi has the same move-set as Cao Cao. (for more about move-sets, see the Combo Attacks page)

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