Zhong Hui

Zhong Hui
Styled Name Shiji
Lifespan 225-264 A.D. (39 years)
Birth Place Yiyang, Hunan Province

[edit] Background

Zhong Hui(Shiji)(225-264 AD)(39 years) The son of Zhong Yao of Changshe in Yingchuan, Zhong Hui showed both bravery and sensibility even as a young boy. His father once brought both he and his older brother Yu before Emperor Wen at the ages of 7 and 8. His brother Yu sweat profusely in the emperor's presence. When asked why he sweat by the emperor, he said, "From fear and trembling. The sweat comes forth like juice." Zhong Hui however did not sweat. When the emperor questioned him on why he did not sweat, he replied, "From fear and trembling. The sweat dares not appear." The emperor was struck by the reply. As Zhong Hui grew he delighted in reading military texts and through them gained a great understanding of strategy. Both Sima Yi and Jiang Ji admired his ability.

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