Battle of Si Shui Gate

Battle of Si Shui Gate
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Si Shui Gate

[edit] Background

Si Shui Gate One of the strongholds of the tyrant Dong Zhuo. The allied forces under Yuan Shao marched against the stronghold that was at the time being defended by Dong Zhuo's commander Li Jue and by the general Hua Xiong. It was here that an emnity between Sun Jian and Yuan Shu developed after Yuan Shu jealous of serving one of lower birth than himself, refused to send supplies to Sun Jian. As a result Sun Jian was counter attacked and forced back.

At Si Shui Gate, Hua Xiong had defeated several allied officers in single combat. Guan Yu rode forward to challenge him and after several exchanges emerged victorious over Hua Xiong. With that the allied forces morale rose and they turned the tide of battle and defeated Li Jue.

[edit] In Dynasty Warriors

Si Shui Gate is a playable level in all of the Dynasty Warriors titles. During the course of the level the player must find a hidden supply depot and defeat the enemy commander guarding it, or face a loss of morale if they fail to gain hold of it in time. Once the supply depot is secured a cutscene showing the finding of the supply depot plays. After that Si Shui Gate is opened and Hua Xiong along with several other generals ride out. Players may either choose to fight with them or pass them by and head straight for Li Jue and his generals. The level ends when Li Jue is either defeated or flees the map.

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