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Bodyguards in this game appear to be just a single unit that you can pick from a group of 8. This will be similar to Dynasty Warriors 4 when an ally would jump in to help you if your forces were struggling, except this warrior is not a famous general, just a powerful unit and is with you from the start of the battle. Shui Jing is the man who introduces bodyguards to you and he evaluates their performance.

There are 8 Different Styles/Looks of Bodyguards. There are 8 different "faces", such as there are different styles/looks for NPC.

The 4 Default Bodyguards we are given automatically in the game and their details are as follows:

    Lui Ren
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Spear
    Ranking: Remarkable/C
    Cao Wu
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Knite
    Ranking: Veteran/C
    Sun Chun
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Crossbow
    Ranking: Remarkable/C
    Lu Hua
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Bow
    Ranking: Brilliant/C

When a bodyguard joins you, they get a rating which is split into 2 parts. The first part of the rating will affect which abilities grow quicker than usual. Those ratings have these effects:

  • C - One stat from life, musou, attack, and defense grows quickly
  • B - Two of those stats grow quickly
  • A - Three of those stats grow quickly
  • S - All stats grow quickly

The chances of getting the latter ones are obviously less than getting the former ones. The second part affects what their initial stats and how fast they grow absolutely.

  • Veteran - Stats begin high but growth is slow
  • Remarkable - Initial stats and growth are both average
  • Brilliant - Stats begin low but growth is high
  • Superior - Initial stats and growth are both high

Again, those go from worst to best. So getting the 4th part on both ranks will give you a very powerful bodyguard, but the chances of getting this are very slim, less than 1% reportedly.

The gender, name and looks of your bodyguard are determined randomly, but the colour of your bodyguard is determined by what general you are using when a bodyguard asks to join you:

    Shu General or Zuo Ci: Green
    Wei General: Blue
    Wu General: Red
    Lu Bu: White
    Yuan Shao or Zhang Jiao: Yellow
    Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo, Meng Huo or Zhu Rong: Purple

The weapon your bodyguard has is determined randomly, but is limited by gender. Males get spears, crossbows and staffs and females get swords, bows and fans. These are equally likely except for the fan because a female bodyguard with a fan, while a poor fighter, can heal you during the battle. When you are on red health your bodyguard will assist you in a different way depending on what weapon they have.

Sword - Bodyguard will assist you using its Musou Attack
Spear - Bodyguard will assist you using its Musou Attack
Bow - Bodyguard will assist you using a powerful Charge Attack
CrossBow - Bodyguard will assist you using a powerful Charge Attack
Staff - Bodyguard will assist you using a powerful Charge Attack that will clear out a crowd of enemies
Fan - Bodyguard will heal you

Each Bodyguard's method of attacking will also depend on their weapon:

Sword - Strikes with Sword
Spear - Strikes with Spear
Bow - Fires Arrows
CrossBow - Fires multiple Arrows
Staff - Strikes with Staff
Fan - Sends a enemies back with a Shockwave

As bodyguards go up in level they have the ability to gain certain abilities, as listed below.

  • Heal - Replenish life
  • Rage - Attack x2 when on low health
  • Wall - Defense x2 when on low health
  • Fame - Raise ally morale easier
  • Link - The value of dropped items increase
  • Hire - After a battle a new bodyguard always joins
  • Item - One extra item post battle
  • Find - One extra weapon post battle

There are 6 Levels for Bodyguards, 6 being the highest and 1 the Lowest. Below are the amount of Points a bodyguard must earn to advance to the next level.

Level 1 - 0
Level 2 - 1000
Level 3 - 2000
Level 4 - 4000
Level 5 - 7000
Level 6 - 10000

When your bodyguard reaches level 3, they will randomly gain an ability from the first 3 listed, when they reach level 5 they will randomly gain an ability from the second 3 listed and when they reach level 6 they may or may not get another ability. This seems to be random. When your bodyguard reaches level 6, if they have none of life, musou, attack, and defense maxed out, then your bodyguard will get no extra abilities. If 1-3 of these are maxed then they will get 1 extra ability and if all of life, musou, attack and defense are maxed out then the bodyguard will get 2 extra abilites. If your bodyguard dies in battle then its points gained from the battle are halved.

Also you will be able to do a double musou attack with your bodyguard, again similar to Dynasty Warriors 4, but not in co-op mode. Bodyguards can do musou attacks of their own except for staff and fan bodyguards, they can only do double ones.

Bodyguards also may be given an element when Shui Jing recruits them. They can be one of the following four: Fire, Ice, Shadow, Light.

During the game, the player can change the tactics of the bodyguard officer at any time, these include:

Normal - Will follow the player and fights normally, represented by sword icon.
Defend - Will follow the player and fight defensively, represented by a shield icon.
Standby - Will wait and fight at area where the order was given, represented by a hand icon.

You can do a double musou attack with your bodyguards, when your hands are glowing and they are joined by lightning then pressing the circle button will initiate a double musou attack. This will be a flash of lightning before both characters do their true musou attacks.

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