Da Qiao

Da Qiao
Da Qiao dw5.png
Character Model (DW5)
Styled Name N/A
A.K.A. One of the "Two Qiaos"
Lifespan  ???
Birth Place  ???
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Two Folding-fans

[edit] Background

Da Qiao Daughter of Qiao Xuan, Da Qiao and her sister Xiao Qiao were known as two of the great beauties of ancient China. Unlike the other Dynasty Warriors, the Qiaos are the only characters that do not abide by the traditional surname-first arrangement (i.e. Guan Yu in Western cultures would be Yu Guan. Mr. Guan, etc.). Instead, they are "Da" (literally "the elder") and "Xiao" (literally "the younger") Qiao.

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