Dian Wei

Dian Wei
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Ziman
A.K.A. The Coming Evil
Lifespan 160-197 A.D. (37 years)
Birth Place Jiwu County, Chen Liu Kingdom
Weapon Spiked wrecking ball

[edit] History

[edit] Death Defending Cao Cao

In 197, Cao Cao was at war with the governor of Wancheng, Zhang Xiu. Zhang Xiu quickly surrendered to Cao Cao. About ten days later, Zhang Xiu attacked the camp Cao Cao and his troupes were stationed at. To allow Cao Cao to escape, Dian Wei took a dozen men and stood guard at the front gate. Him and his men fought bravely, but fell one by one. When Wei was the last one standing, he used two dead enemy bodies as weapons for a final stand. After killing a few more, he finally died of blood loss.

Once Cao Cao learned of Wei's death, he broke down into tears. He had him men steal the body from Zhang Xiu's men, and buried in Dian Wei's home town.

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