Dim Sum


[edit] Dynasty Warriors 3 Dim Sum's and Musou Wine's

This page will list all the places where you can get Dim Sums (Life max +10) and Fairy Wines (Musou max +10).

[edit] Stages

  • Yellow Turban Rebellion
    • North face of the city's outer wall at the opening to the river
    • East outer wall on the first balcony north of the East Gate
    • Along the West side of the map, southwest of Sun Jian's initial position
    • Along the west outer wall, on the first balcony south of the river

  • Battle at Hu Lao Gate
    • On top of Hu Lao Gate
    • On top of Fan Shui Gate

  • Surprise attack on Liu Biao
    • Near Zhang Hu's starting point in a row of 3 pots
    • On the beach by the western tents

  • Battle of Wan Castle
    • Near the gate next to Hu Che Er's starting point
    • In the shadow of the house at the bottom right of the map

  • Assault on Wu Territory
    • At the northernmost gate
    • North of Yian Bai Hu's starting point, to the west of the 2 towers

  • Guan Du
    • Center of the map, at the confluence of the rivers
    • Along the north part of the center of Cao Cao's fortress

  • Guan Yu's Escape
    • Just past the first gate, just by the tower on the right
    • Right behind the second gate on the right

  • Chang Ban
    • Directly south of Zhang He's initial position
    • Along the shore at the bottom of the map where Liu Bei goes to escape

  • Chi Bi
    • Between the 2 gates at the northwest of the map
    • On the boat just south of the southeast gate

  • Tong Gate
    • At the northwest of the map by the gate
    • Near the gate at the northeast of the map

  • Cheng Du
    • Southwest of Zhao Yun's starting point
    • Near where Liu Bei starts

  • He Fei
    • By the northwestern gate
    • In the northeast of the map where Zhou Yu starts

  • Battle of Fan Castle
    • On the mid level south from Sima Yi's startnig point
    • Northeast of the map by a Shu gate

  • Mount Ding Jun
    • West of where Cao Cao stars
    • East fork on the downhill run near a tower

  • Yi Ling
    • East section of the Stone Warrior Formation
    • Southwest section of the STone Warrior Formation

  • Nanman Campaign
    • Inside Meng Huo's fortress where he makes his 5th appearance
    • From the North fortress, go West and then North to a dead end

  • Jie Ting
    • Northwest part of where Ma Su sets up camp
    • Northwest of Wei Yan's starting point

  • You Ting
    • Center of the map in the fortress
    • Northeastern part of Cao Xiu's fortress

  • Siege of He Fei Castle
    • Along the north wall of the wind trap
    • Northeastern part of the map, over the broken bridge

  • Battle at Wu Zhang Plains
    • On the plateau just south of where Sima Yi starts
    • Just west of where Zhuge Liang starts

    [edit] Musou Mode Only Stages

  • Mountain Bandit Campaign
    • Northeast area of the map
    • Northwest area of the map

  • Sea Pirate Attack
    • In the boat at the southwest of the map
    • At the troop entry point in the east

  • Assault on the Rogue Fortress
    • At the north outer wall, need to work your way around there
    • East inner wall near a lieutenant commander

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