Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Zhongyin
A.K.A. N/A
Lifespan 138-192 A.D. (54 years)
Birth Place Lintao
Weapon Ornate Club


[edit] History

[edit] Background

Dong Zhuo (Zhongyin) ( 138 AD - 192 AD ) was the Prime Minister to the throne during the late Han dynasty. He was seen as a ruthless tyrant and he used the Han Emperor as a puppet in order to do what he willed. Dong Zhuo also had control of the mightiest man of the time, Lu Bu.

[edit] Influence on the Yellow Turban Rebellion

When Lu Zhi was attacked at Guangzong by Zhang Jiao during the Yellow Turban Rebellion, he was unable to score a victory. Because of this, Dong Zhuo believed him to be a traitor and held the man prisoner. But, Dong Zhuo was also unable to score a victory against Zhang Jiao and was being pushed back. It was only when Liu Bei and his brothers arrived that Dong Zhuo was rescued, and even after that, Dong Zhuo had little respect for Liu Bei due to him not holding a high position of office and having no generals. Dong Zhuo was rude with Liu Bei and this made Zhang Fei, one of Liu Bei's swore brothers, furious. He intended to kill Dong Zhuo then, but Liu Bei stopped him. But, without help, Dong Zhuo suffered many losses to the Yellow Turbans. If he had not bribed the ten eunuchs, he would have been punished for these losses, but instead, he was promoted all the way to Imperial Protector and commanded an army of 200,000.

[edit] Rise to Power

[edit] Lu Bu

After the death of He Jin and the fall of the ten eunuchs at the hands of Yuan Shu, Cao Cao, and Yuan Shao, the Emperor and Prince were fleeing for their lives. Dong Zhuo arrived to help defend the two young leaders, with the assistance of a large cavalcade lead by Yuan Shao. During this time, Dong Zhuo grew fond of the prince and planned to put him into office. So, Dong Zhuo hosted a banquet and invited many generals and lords from around the land and made his proposition. Many, including Ding Yuan, the adoptive father of Lu Bu, were against this. Ding Yuan decided to gather up his army and attack Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo was at first bested by Ding Yuan's Forces and Lu Bu, but due to a plan of Li Su's, Dong Zhuo gained control of Lu Bu by sending him gifts, such as the famous Red Hare. Out of gratitude, Lu Bu slew his adoptive father, Ding Yuan, and accepted Dong Zhuo as his new adoptive father.

[edit] Appointing Prince Xian as Emperor

After Ding Yuan's fall, Dong Zhuo gave himself the new titles of Minister of Works, Grand Commander, and Commander of the Front Army, increasing his influence on the Han. Then, after another large banquet, Dong Zhuo appointed the Prince as the new emperor of the Han dynasty. At this time, Dong Zhuo also promoted himself to the title of Prime Minister, where he remained until his death.

[edit] The First Plot to Assassinate Dong Zhuo

Wang Yun decided to host a banquet in order to come up with a plan to stop Dong Zhuo. Cao Cao, one of the lords present at Wang Yun's "Birthday Party" (the name that was given to the banquet in order to deter Dong Zhuo from discovering Wang Yun's true intent), said that he would be able to slay Dong Zhuo because he had become good friends with him already. So, Wang Yun gave Cao Cao his famous Seven Jeweled Sword and told him to kill Dong Zhuo. Cao Cao went to see Dong Zhuo and the two talked while Lu Bu left to fetch Cao Cao a new horse. It was then that Cao Cao tried to assassinate Dong Zhuo. But, he failed when Dong Zhuo saw the reflection of the sword in a mirror right before Cao Cao was about to stab him. Lu Bu had also just returned with the new horse at this time and the plot was foiled. But, Cao Cao quickly pretended that he meant the sword only as a gift and gave it to Dong Zhuo. Cao Cao then rode away from the capital on his new horse and wouldn't return, becoming a fugitive.

[edit] The Coalition Against Dong Zhuo

Cao Cao, after fleeing for his life, called up the various lords to act against Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao lead this rebellion and the armies attacked Dong Zhuo's Forces at Si Shui Gate, eventually pushing through with the help of Guan Yu. Dong Zhuo made his final stand against the rebels outside of Luo Yang at Hu Lao Gate. But his mighty general, Lu Bu, was defeated by the three brothers, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, in a duel. This forced Dong Zhuo to flee and he burned down the capital, Luo Yang, to prevent the coalition from chasing after him. Although all of the other lords in the coalition were stopped by this, Cao Cao was not, and he chased Dong Zhuo down with his small numbers. He finally caught up with Dong Zhuo at Yingyang and was horribly defeated by Dong Zhuo's massive numbers. The tyrant fled to the city of Chang An and made this the new capital, building an identical city adjacent to it called Mei Wo.

[edit] The Second Plot to Assassinate Dong Zhuo

[edit] Wang Yun Offers Diao Chan

At this time, Dong Zhuo began to relax with his women and had very little worries of attacks. Wang Yun, the one who had given Cao Cao the Seven Jeweled Sword to kill Dong Zhuo in the first place, prepared another scheme to assassinate Dong Zhuo. This time, Wang Yun himself became friends with Dong Zhuo and offered his own daughter, the beautiful Diao Chan, to be wedded to Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo gladly accepted and took Diao Chan as his wife, beginning the scheme that would kill him.

[edit] Lu Bu becomes Jealous

Earlier, Wang Yun had presented Diao Chan to Lu Bu and offered her as a handmaiden to him. Lu Bu was quick to accept, but Dong Zhuo was able to marry Diao Chan before Lu Bu could have her. So, the mighty general's jealousy overtook him and he became angry at Dong Zhuo, who would not let him see Diao Chan. But, Lu Bu continued to secretly meet with Diao Chan and the two began to have deep feelings for one another. This angered Dong Zhuo upon discovery and he would not let Lu Bu near her.

[edit] Lu Bu Kills Dong Zhuo

Lu Bu went to see Wang Yun who convinced him to finally kill Dong Zhuo. So, a plan was developed and Li Su told Dong Zhuo in Mei Wo that he was wanted in the capital, so he went. But, time and time again Dong Zhuo ran into ill omens that Li Su translated for him as good ones. Then, when the tyrant reached Chang An, Lu Bu with many generals and assassins awaited him inside and Dong Zhuo was killed by his own adopted son, Lu Bu, when he stabbed him in the neck. This ended Dong Zhuo's rule over the Han, but his various generals that he left in charge of Mei Wo still rebelled and forced Lu Bu to flee from Chang An.

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