Dynasty Warriors 5

Dynasty Warriors 5
DynastyWarriors5 coverart.jpg
Dynasty Warriors 5 cover artwork
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Koei
Series NA Dynasty Warriors
JP Shin Sangokumusou
Native resolution Unknown
Version 1.00 (PS2), 1.00 (Xbox)
Platform(s) Playstation 2, Xbox
Release date PlayStation 2:
JP February 24, 2005
NA March 29, 2005
EU June 24, 2005
JP August 25, 2005
NA September 13, 2005
EU September 23, 2005
Genre(s) Third-person Action-Adventure, Hack & Slash
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer (Offline)
Rating(s) OFLC: M15+
PEGI: 12+
Media 1 DVD-ROM
Input methods Console Controller

Dynasty Warriors 5 (abbreviated to DW5) is a hack & slash legacy developed by KOEI.


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  • Here are a bunch of things that have been introduced into this game. Tigers are now present in the game and though you can't ride them, they do act as bodyguards
  • 6 new characters - Guan Ping, Xing Cai, Cao Pi, Pang De, Ling Tong and Zuo Ci bringing the total to 48
  • NPC Generals now have more variations in their looks than ever before
  • Generals have a red aura around them just before they do their musou attack, so look out for that visual clue
  • Musou Rage, which can be obtained by picking up a Musou Token in the game. This causes attack and speed to increase and your musou bar to max out. You will be practically invincible during the Musou Rage attack and you can do your True Musou attack even when your character isn't on red health. This is activated by pressing R3, formally the button used to announce yourself, a feature that's been removed
  • There are now 3 types of gates, called bases - Attack (peons there can do musou attacks), Defense (charge formation) and Supply (peons' stats are higher)
  • CAW and Versus modes have been removed from the series
  • The Bodyguard system has been radically changed though you can do a double musou with them similar to DW3:XL and DW4 with the officers who came to aid you
  • Fog of war has reportedly been drastically reduced
  • Each character now has a unique jump attack
  • There are more items
  • Orbs are now no longer randomly found, but have to be obtained like special items
  • The evolution attack gives you the ability to do a 9-hit combo
  • Each stage has its own unique map like in DW3
  • You can no longer save at any time you choose; you can save as many times as you like on Easy, three times on Normal, only once on Hard and none on Chaos per level
  • Weapons now come in 3 weights, heavy, medium and light; this affects how much damage you will do and how fast you can attack
  • The AI of the lesser units has been improved, they now use more tactics
  • New duel system, you aren't transported to a remote cage this time, you have to do battle on the field and if you go too far away you lose and your army's morale goes down
  • More siege weapons to add to the existing ones

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