Dynasty Warriors Next

Dynasty Warriors Next
Developer Omega Force
Ally Koei
Release Date Japan: December 17, 2011
North America/Europe: February 22, 2012
Genre Hack and Slash
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) Cero: B
Platform(s) Playstation Vita

Dynasty Warriors Next is a launch title for the Playstation Vita. It would use characters that appeared in Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends and would have elements that would appear in future Dynasty Warriors titles. It is set to be released December 17, 2011 in Japan and February 22, 2012 in North America and Europe.


[edit] Gameplay

Players are able to control their character by using the console's buttons or by using the console's touch screen by touching the screen. Players can tap on a foe to attack them. They can roam around the battlefield by using the analog stick to move their character and the buttons to attack regularly. Special features for this game can be done by touching the screen.

An "Accidental Battle" can occur when the player taps on a foe at the same time as they attack. When done, they will active a Quick-Time Event that allows the player to overcome by performing a certain movement, touch or slide sequence.

While in battle there is a bar that will accumulate overtime while the player attacks called the "Break Gauge". Once it has been filled, the player will be able to use a "Direct Break" to hit their enemies with a strong attack. If the player is hit by their foes, their Musou Gauge will fill before the player can use their Mosou or "Speed Musou". The Speed Musou will clear more enemies off the field than the regular Musou.

While dueling another officer, the camera will change to focus on the solo match. Players will have to use their attacks with the Quick-Time Event Style to quickly react and tap icons that flash over the foe in order to do damage to them. The player can win after doing this over several times successfully. When the opponent is weakened, the player can unlock a Rush sequence to finish their opponent off.

Other traits include the following:

  • While pressing R when attacking will create a Chain Attack. It will cancel the players current strike to lengthen their character's combo.
  • Life Gauge is gone. Instead the player will know when a character is hit when the screen flashes red and sound effects.
  • DLC Weapons from Dynasty Warriors 7 will be assigned to characters.
  • Edit Characters are available.
  • Players don't need to make a server with one another in order to communicate with one another. Once they have established a connection to support another player's progress in their game. It is called "Battle Friend Support".

[edit] Modes

[edit] Campaign Mode

Campaign Mode allows player to play through acts from Romance of The Three Kingdoms. They can choose their own character in this mode and will join forces and swap data with one another as they defeat NPC's in duels and finish stages. Once the cinema for each episode is over, they can choose strategies based on their character's willingness and a required fee. Four Policies can be used per stage and the character can't use two polices at once. If a character is relevant to the episode, then they will have an advantage in the stage.

Characters are able to select enemy territories to attack but can only invade territories that are adjacent of their location. They will not be able to assist characters that are to far away. They can have order only five characters.

[edit] Conquest Mode

China is divided into fractions that struggle to conquer one another, and the player contains their own land. The goal for this mode is for a single character to control all of the land. Players can choose to serve an existing faction like Wei, Wu, Shu, Jin, and Other.

Players are placed on the map and control their faction in a turn-base system. During the planning screen, the player can recruit officers or select policies to perform. Polices are made available in this mode by the ones available in Campaign Mode. Battle and invasions behave similar to the Romance Mode. Players can perform challenges before the conflict and if successful, the player will get bonus points before their victory.

When the player wins a battle, they will take over the opponents territory. The opponent may issue a "Mission Battle" from the victor, or a mini-game that will decide their reputation in this mode. There are four types of mini-games:

  • Archery - shoot enemies by tapping the touch screen.
  • Race - tilt the Vita to steer the horse. They will need to avoid obstacles to reach first place.
  • Breakthrough - Eliminate a swarm of enemies by touching the screen. Shaking it can perform a limited usage battle cry to clear the foes.
  • Scheme - Touch or trace characters on the screen to learn a hidden word.

[edit] Coalition Mode

This mode allows for four players to help each other in four different courses. This system is similar to Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, they can share resurrections.

  • Race: Reach the enemies main camp as soon as possible while protecting their allies.
  • Defend: Defend an ally base from the enemy.
  • Capture: Conquer enemy bases to win.
  • Death Match: Allies and enemies are defeated in a single hit. Capture the enemy map under these conditions.

[edit] Gala Mode

The player can take a photo of themselves from the Vita, they can edit it to be a Warriors themed photo and then print it. Backgrounds can be edited in this mode.

[edit] Edit Mode

This section will allow the player to create characters up to 100 different characters. They can be used for Conquest and Coalition Modes. Parts can be customize by trading with other players or meeting certain conditions in Conquest Mode.

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