Eleventh Weapons DW4:XL

This page will contain a list of how to get every character's 11th weapon. You must have their 10th weapon before trying, this must be done in Legends mode (the map of the character whose weapon you're trying to get) and playing on the hardest difficulty.


[edit] Kingdom of Shu

[edit] Guan Yu

Xu Province - Get 300 KOs. Defeat Yue Jin, Yu Jin and Li Dian. Stay away from Zhang Liao at the end and keep the carriage safe.

[edit] Huang Zhong

Chang sha - Shoot Guan Yu off his horse before he begins taunting you in order to lower your morale. When Wei Yan kills Han Xuan, ignore Zhou Cang and run straight to Guan Yu. They will talk. Beat him up until Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei appears. Defeat Zhou Cang and Guan Ping. Zhang Fei will appear after you defeat one of them, and Zhao Yun will appear after you defeat the other one. Defeat Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei. Get 100 KOs.Defeat Guan Yu and the weapon is yours!

[edit] Jiang Wei

Cheng Du - Defeat all generals before Liu Chan surrenders. (One may want to enlist the aide of a 2 player to fence in the cowardly Liu Chan by ringing the gongs)

[edit] Liu Bei

Cheng Du - Must complete within 8 minutes.Try to kill as many enemy generals (who are fleeing) as possible (Apparently missing one is okay). And restrain yourself, you cannot more than 6 peasants. If you get a cut scene about Liu Bei regretting killing the peasants, you've lost.

[edit] Ma Chao

Xia Meng Gate - Get 500 KOs. Try to stay in the lead (especially at the finish) and head to where other warriors are to sap the swarm of soldiers (i.e. Near Huang Zhong, the gate never stops flooding with underlings to KO).

[edit] Pang Tong

Fan Castle - In this popularity contest you must be flawless. Seal the gates at northwest and southwest quickly. (rating goes up twice) Go into the arsenal on the west. Seal the gate in there. Defeat Yue Ying. (rating goes up) Seal the gate at the south and kill the guard captain there to gain the crossbow machines. (rating goes up) Seal the gate at the north and kill the guard captain there to gain the crossbow machines. (rating goes up) Kill the guard captain to the east to take over the arsenal there. (rating goes up) Siege Ramp appears. A bunch of enemies also show up, but they will convert to you very soon. Guard the first siege ramp with your life. Use your allies to block the enemies. Two minutes later, the siege ramp is set. Go into the castle and meet up with Zhuge Liang. After the cut scene, get 450 KOs.

[edit] Wei Yan

Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Prove you are not a traitor! Before Zhuge Liang launches an attack at Wei Yan (about 2 minutes into the battle), defeat Xiahou He, Xiahou Wei and Xiahou Hui in any order.

[edit] Yue Ying

Xu Chang - Defeat all enemy officers. It's okay to have the juggernauts kill some. Protect all juggernauts. (apparently it's okay to have one destroyed) Defeat Guan Yu.

[edit] Zhang Fei

Nan Territory - Defeat Cao Cao before the stage ends as well as taking out all the officers. Plus, you can't let anyone pass the bridge. Therefore it would be easier to let 1P Zhang Fei go hunting while 2P warrior guards the bridge. If not, then stand your ground!

[edit] Zhao Yun

Nan Territory - Find Liu Chan in under 2 minutes. (its best to practice saving it outright, searching for the box, and then loading to know exactly where you have to go) Kill Xu Huang and Cao Ren, then go directly to Liu Bei, ignoring anything in the way. Protect Liu Bei for the rest of the stage. Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Xu Zhu, Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Cheng Yu and Xun Yu will all be charging after Liu Bei. Kill them all. As Liu Bei then begins to retreat, get 300 KOs within 13 minutes.

[edit] Zhuge Liang

Han Zhong - Defeat Yue Ying 6 times, all have to be "by a wide margin".
Defeat 2 of the other 3 officers.</ul>

[edit] Kingdom of Wei

[edit] Cao Cao

Nan Territory - Go directly to Zhang Fei and defeat him and then Zhou Cang. Get Guan Yu to let you free (get message of such) and then take out Guan Ping and get 200 KOs in the next ten minutes. Now escape to end the stage.

[edit] Cao Ren

Yi Ling - Avoid Niu Jin like the plague, while you go seal Gan Ning and Han Dang's gates. Boost Niu Jin's morale to eight stars by KOing a bunch of enemies (120 or so). Go annihilate Gan Ning and Han Dang to then activate the Zhou Tai and Zhou Yu ambush. Now complete the stage in the next ten minutes.

[edit] Dian Wei

Wan Castle - Attack archers to trigger Hu Che Er's cowardly ambush. Destroy him and start KOing like crazy. Eventually after 110 KOs, Jia Xu will come jogging over. Kill him and then get 200 more KOs.

[edit] Sima Yi

Han Zhong - Ride around attacking archers and getting hurt by landmines. As soon as your life bar yellows, Sima Yi will start fuming about nemesis, Zhuge Liang. After 25 KOs, the rain will disable the mines and trigger Wei Yan and friends to pour out of the opened gate. Get some food on the right and start the killing in this order: Wei Yan, Gao Xiang, Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, Ma Dai and Jian Yong. With about three to seven minutes left, Jiang Wei appears- kill him and rush to the exit.

[edit] Xiahou Dun

Xu Province - Within 10 minutes, defeat Cao Xing immediately and then again when he reappears (kill him before Yuan Shu arrives) and then get 100 KOs.

[edit] Xiahou Yuan

Han Zhong - Make sure absolutely no enemy troops get through the base Xiahou Yuan is blocking when Xiahou Dun appears. Plus, get three hundred KOs.

[edit] Xu Huang

Fan Castle - You have only ten minutes to complete the following. Destroy all the siege weapons in the first two minutes and then wait for Cao Ren to charge. When Guan Yu stubbornly hides in his castle, kill all enemy officers but Guan Yu while racking up 200 KOs in the process.

[edit] Xu Zhu

Jie Ting - Time for some officer and Supply Troop Captain (STC) bashing! Start with Yu Jin and his STC, then go get Li Dian and his STC. Wipe out Dian Wei's STCs and then get Dian Wei. Quickly defeat Yue Jin and his STC. For a second time, take out Dian Wei and his three STCs. And finally, kill Man Chong and his Supply Troop Captain. Be sure to get the Captains before getting the officers.

[edit] Zhang He

Han Zhong - Follow Wei Yan into the base and then let the ape-like Shu warrior retreat through the north gate (door slams shut in your face). Insane amount of archers appear, ignore the pests and go swat Guan Xing. Go back to the north gate and defeat Zhang Bao who will ambush you, then get 100 KOs.

[edit] Zhang Liao

He Fei - Kill all enemy officers except Sun Quan before He Fei falls within 15 minutes and get 350 KOs. Be sure to babysit Yue Jin when necessary and keep chewing up the peon KOs to boost ally morale along the way.

[edit] Zhen Ji

Ji Province - Go over to Cao Pi's amy's side at the beginning. After officially converting to Wei, kill all officers and sub-officers except Yuan Xi while getting 150 KOs along the way.

[edit] Kingdom of Wu

[edit] Da Qiao

Han Zhong - Kill all the soldiers to open the south gate and proceed to the west gate where the first guest will appear. Kill him immediately and then head to the southeast where the second guest appears, get him and then get the third guest who will appear at the western middle gate. Do all this within six minutes while racking up 300 KOs within fifteen minutes. Now all you need is Sun Ce to sacrifice himself to save you (cutscene triggered when Sun Ce is near and you are in a trap).

[edit] Gan Ning

Yi Ling - Kill Li Dian and then close down the bottom left gate. Get Yue Jin before he regroups, this will cue a spreading damage message. Go nuts and start KOing soldiers until about four minutes and a half left in the stage. Kill Cao Xiu when he ambushes to get the second spreading damage message. At two and a half minutes left, a message will flare with Zhang Liao's ambush, telling you to retreat. Ignore it for now and KO about 150 more soldiers until the third 'damage to Wei army is spreading' message comes up. Then theres is the 11th weapon message, your cue to end the stage!

[edit] Huang Gai

Chi Bi - Pull a Solid Snake and sneak the following in three minutes. Head north along the cliff to get to a fence. Sneak down the left side of the wall as you get a message about a nearby gate captain. Lay down a bomb to attract his attention. Just as you drop the bomb sprint over and hide in the right side of the wall. Go to the abandoned gate of the gullible guard captain when he investigates. Continue slowly towards the top left along the water edge as Lu Meng creeps south. Dodge slacking guards using your small map as radar to get to the closed door. If still undetected, the door will open. Now make a mad dash for the exit, even if discovered by Gan Ning (getting out with the caught message still onscreen is okay).

[edit] Lu Meng

Mai Castle - Quickly knock out Zhou Cang and Liao Hua on your way into the castle. Seal the gate. Kill Guan Ping to anger Guan Yu. Finally, seal the bottom left gate and get fifty KOs. Plus make sure none of your ally officers perish.

[edit] Lu Xun

Yi Ling - Zhuge's playing mind games, so follow these instructions. Remember if you get a 'Lu Xun is lost!' type of message you've already lost. Retry. Okay, start by taking out the defense captain at bottom right corner. As soon as the captain bites the dust a stone sentinel moves, go there to wipe out the ambush waiting for you. Go to the next location of moving stone sentinels as indicated in the message, which should lead you back to the entrance. From the entrance, move to the square directly below it. This should trigger sentinel movements to the west and open up a path to the top left where a gate captain is waiting. Kill him and then go from there right, down, right, right, and Chen Shi and Zhang Bao should appear as an ambush. Defeat those jokers and go back towards the entrance to then arrive in the top left corner to KO Guan Xing and Zhao Yun.

[edit] Sun Ce

Wan Castle - Do the following all under five minutes. Kill the five fakes if you want (one has an useful Attack x2 axe), but defeat the real Yu Ji. The next time the real Yu Ji pops up, you must be prepared since he is tough. Get the attack x2 axe from a fake and use the ten second musou imperial seal from a nearby box on this reappearing Yu Ji. Be warned, as soon as you lay a finger on him, he'll start to scamper away. You have fifteen seconds to kill him. Whew. Now would be a good time to save as the final part entails defeating only the real Yu Ji amongst another wave of fakes. Remember, only get the real one or you fail.

[edit] Sun Jian

Fan Castle - Do all the following under the deadline of Chang Sha opening, basically six minutes. Wait for Lu Bu to appear about thirty seconds into the battle in the bottom right. Kill him very quickly and hijack his horse, Red Hare. Seal the nearby gate and rush to defeat Hu Zen and Hua Xiong. Seal the top gate and go into the castle to be ambushed, but proceed to seal its gate. Now zip right to Dong Zhuo.

[edit] Sun Shang Xiang

He Fei - On the way of rescuing the female guards, get 150 KOs along the way. Kill Cheng Pu and Pan Zhang. With about 200 KOs by now, dash to the gate with Xu Sheng and Ding Feng. Ignore the peons as you wipe out the officers with three female bodyguards. Defeat Zhou Tai and Jiang Qin as you rescue the last bodyguard. Get the weapon as you cross the bridge. Remember if Zhao Yun appears, you've lost since it would signify that you didn't get 200 KOs by the time enemy reinforcements arrive.

[edit] Sun Quan

He Fei - Your mission is to defeat Zhang Liao three times while getting 500 KOs while simultaneously protecting your allies. Only one ally officer may die. You'll get your weapon upon the exit point.

[edit] Taishi Ci

Jian Ye - Keep a minimum of twelve groups of defected soldiers alive all at once while you get 450 KOs. Get Hua Xin to surrender by approaching him and then killing the foes that surround him upon conversion. Don't for get to rack up the kills if you don't get the weapon at first.

[edit] Xiao Qiao

Fan Castle - Defeat Cao Cao four times in a row and then get Xiahou Dun, Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, and Cao Ren. There should be more than fifteen minutes remaining. Cao Cao will return a fifth time, with Xiahou Yuan bringing Da Qiao with him. Climb to the top of the tower to have a cutscene with the Qiao sister. Kill Xiahou Yuan and get 100 KOs.

[edit] Zhou Tai

He Fei - Rescue Sun Quan. Save his four sub-officers. Kill Taishi Ci and Liu Yong. Don't forget to get 500 KOs along the way. Remember, killing the leader of the attack squads bothering the sub-officers will make the group disperse.

[edit] Zhou Yu

Chi Bi - Defeat all officers except for the big cheese, Zhuge Liang. That means hunting down Mi Zhu, Sun Qian, Zhang Fei (in a duel), Guan Yu, Zhao Yun (in a duel), Guan Ping, Zhou Cang, and Jian Yong.

[edit] Unaligned Officers

[edit] Diao Chan

Wan Castle -Real simple objectives, but difficult to pull off. Hunt down Dong Zhuo without being seen by the enemy. Defeat him with more than ten minutes left in the stage. Kill Hua Xiong to open the exit within ten minutes from the level starting. Once you get the eleventh weapon message run to the escape point.

[edit] Dong Zhuo

Luo Yang - Let your tyrant self go and just get one hundred KOs. Whatever order you kill the eunichs is up to you.

[edit] Lu Bu

Hu Lao Gate - Make sure to get 800 KOs before those pesky oath brothers arrive (Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei). They appear at a fixed time after Cao Cao is defeated, but you shouldn't worry about it. The main concern is getting 2000 KOs without killing the three brothers since the stage will end upon doing so.

[edit] Meng Huo

Nanman Territory - As you rescue all your allies, kill Xiahou He, Xiahou Hui, Xiahou Wei, Zhong Hui and Deng Ai.

[edit] Yuan Shao

He Fei - Try not to get trampled as you wipe out all the calvalry troops and defeat Yan Gang and Zhao Yun when they show up. Then you'll get another dose of horse madness with a calvalry ambush message. Kill all of them. Go and take out Zhang Fei while being mindful to keep the enemy gate captain alive. The same goes for Liu Bei, take out the officer but protect the enemy gate captain. Now defeat all officers and Gongsun Zan appears with a special cutscene. Seal the gates after the cutscene. Once you get an all gate soldiers killed message, you'll get your weapon.

[edit] Zhang Jiao

Ji Province - Set your clock because you must get your weapon at exactly eight minutes into the stage. If you don't get it exactly at 8, you won't get it. Keeping the time limit in mind, very quickly wipe out the entire battlefield, keep moving and speed killing. Meaning, you must get atleast 100 KOs and only one enemy officer and one enemy gate can be left standing when the clock hits eight.

[edit] Zhu Rong

Nanman Territory - Get Zhuge Liang without any Shu officers discovering you. Start by defeating Wang Ping and stomping down the messengers he sends. Carefully get into the Shu base without detection. Take it slow, but not too slow, you do have only three minutes to get to the gate outside Zhuge Liang's location.

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