Fifth Weapons DW3:XL

[edit] Introduction

The 5th Weapons were introduced as a new challenge for experienced players in the Xtreme Legends 'add-on' to Dynasty Warriors 3. Unlike 4th weapons, they had unique weapon designs, and even included some special items, like Red Hare Saddle. Some weapons have Special Elemental effects, including the new element; Wind.

You must have several things before you complete the challenge for the Weapon;

  • You must have started the Playstation with 'Xtreme Legends', then using 'Original' on the Main Menu, loaded Dynasty Warriors 3. You must do that each time the Playstation is reset.
  • The Weapons can be got in either Free Mode, or Musou Mode.
  • You must be playing on the Correct side.
  • You must be playing on the Correct Game Mode - either Xtreme or Original.
  • You Must be playing in Very hard Difficulty

[edit] Hints and Tips

  • Arrow Defence: in any normal game, archers are pretty horrible. In Very Hard difficulty, they are devils spawn. I'd advise wearing as much arrow defence as possible - unless the Cavalry Armour is less than 15, in which case, you might want to consider going Item Hunting. Although they will still hurt, the defence allows you to stay in protracted fights for longer - He Fei Castle particularly, instead of hitting and running.
  • Two Player Mode: Usually, if the level goes on for 20-30 mins, you will find that it will be yourself and the Commander against 50-60% of the enemy. To avoid such situations, have a second player take control of the general, and keep them running, unless they are powerful fighters - Sun Quan/Lu Bu/Cao Cao for example. Alternatively, if you are on your own, and you find it hard to slay the enemy - it's not always your attack that's the problem. Lu Bu fully maxed out still finds it hard to 1 hit kill even Privates and Sergeants. It may be that you need something with a little instant death. The following characters have instant death:
4th Weapons
Cao Cao (Wrath of Heaven)
Zhang He (Peacock Talon)
Lu Xun (Falcon)
Xiao Qiao (True Grace)
Wei Yan (Double Comet)
Nu Wa (Nu Wa's Rapier)
5th Weapons
Xiahou Yuan (Mystic Blade)
Sun Quan (Wolf Blade)
Dong Zhuo Black Steel)
  • Save!: This is probably the most important thing I'd ever suggest while attempting to get 5th weapons. Whenever you're in a particularly good place, save. Although boring/time wasting, whenever you're attempting the harder weapons you'll appreciate the security.

This page tells you how to get 5th weapons for all the characters. You must be playing on Very Hard mode to obtain them. Note that for everyone apart from Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, Diao Chan, Dong Zhou, Zhang Jiao, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, Zhang He and Zhang Liao you will have to load up DW3 and DW3:XL to get Very Hard mode for the original DW3 maps because for everyone else you will need to play on the original maps. It should be obvious which force you need play on.

Kingdom of Shu

  • Guan Yu - Fan Castle - Defeat Pang De, Lu Xun, Gan Ning and Lu Meng in that order.
  • Huang Zhong - Yi Ling - Stop the fire attack and then defeat Lu Xun. Note that by stopping the fire attack, Liu Bei will not retreat. Having a second person protect, or better, play as Liu Bei makes this weapon easier to get.
  • Jiang Wei - Yi Ling - Let the Wu fire attack happen, then make sure Liu Bei escapes into the Stone Warrior Formation. After the ambush party appears in the Stone Warrior Formation, defeat Zhu Huan.
  • Liu Bei - Jie Ting - When Ma Su gets ambushed by Zhang He, defeat Xin Pi.
  • Ma Chao - Cheng Du - Before Pang Tong dies, defeat either Liu Han or Liu Xun.
  • Pang Tong - Chi Bi - After Huang Gai's fire attack happens, defeat Xiahou Dun when he arrives.
  • Wei Yan - Yi Ling - Defeat all main generals and gate captains. You do not have to defeat sub generals. This weapon is very hard to get. Max stats, high level items and using a second player to help you is advised.
  • Zhang Fei - Mt. Ding Jun - Perform Shu's downhill attack and get the successful attack message. Then defeat Cao Hong.
  • Zhao Yun - Nanman Campaign - Defeat all main generals but make sure Zhu Rong is last.
  • Zhuge Liang - Chi Bi - Get 1000 KOs.

Kingdom of Wei

  • Cao Cao - Mt. Ding Jun - Kill Huang Zhong in under five minutes.
  • Dian Wei - He Fei - After the cut scene where Zhang Liao ambushes Taishi Ci, defeat Lu Xun and Gan Ning.
  • Sima Yi - BSiege at He Fei Castle - Before the Wu and Wei army's full scale attack, defeat Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang, and Gan Ning in that order.
  • Xiahou Dun - Jie Ting - Once Ma Su is surrounded, defeat Wei Yan, Jiang Wei and Ma Chao before Ma Su starts breaking through Zhang He's barricade or before Ma Su defeats Zhang He.
  • Xiahou Yuan - Tong Gate - Han Sui defects and you get the weapon.
  • Xu Huang - Tong Gate - Han Sui defects and you get the weapon.
  • Xu Zhu - Siege at He Fei Castle - Defeat Lu Xun, Lu Meng, Sun Shang Xiang and Gan Ning in any order.
  • Zhang He - Jie Ting - Yuan Shao's Forces - Defeat Xiahou Yuan, Zhang Liao, Cao Zhen, Dian Wei and Xu Huang in that order.
  • Zhang Liao - Guan Du - Dong Zhou's Forces - After the archer towers arrive and before the north castle wall falls, kill all the archers in the archer towers.
  • Zhen Ji - Guan Du - Find the supply depot on the 4th attempt and burn it. Note that its MUST be on the 4th attempt.

Kingdom of Wu

  • Da Qiao - Surprise Attack on Liu Biao - After Sun Jian dies in the rock slide, kill Kuai Liang.
  • Gan Ning - Yi Ling - Pass through the Stone Warrior formation successfully and then kill Zhuge Liang.
  • Huang Gai - Yellow Turban Rebellion - Kill He Yi and then Zhang Bao without killing any other generals.
  • Lu Meng - Siege at He Fei Castle - Defeat Xu Huang and Zhang He and then enter the center area and set off
    the archer trap. Then defeat Xu Zhu. Do this before Cao Rui and Man Chong arrive as reinforcements, defeat them when they arrive.
  • Lu Xun - Yu Ting - Cao Xiu, Zhou Fang and either Zhang He or Zhang Pu must survive for 10 minutes. A cut scene of Sima Yi discovering Zhou Fang's fake defection will happen. Then Lu Xun will say something and the weapon will appear.
  • Sun Ce - Surprise Attack on Liu Biao - After Sun Jian dies in the rock slide, kill Cai Mao.
  • Sun Jian - Siege at He Fei Castle - Defeat Cao Rui and Man Chong and then lead allied units through the
    Arrow and Wind traps into where Zhang He and Xu Huang are. Defeat Zhang He and Xu Huang, then defeat Xu Zhu.
  • Sun Shang Xiang - Fan Castle - Wu Forces - Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event.
  • Sun Quan - He Fei - Defeat Zhang Liao before he kills Taishi Ci in the cut scene, then defeat Xu Zhu.
  • Taishi Ci - He Fei - After Zhang Liao ambushes Sun Quan, defeat Zhang Liao.
  • Xiao Qiao - Assault on Wu Territory - Defeat Yan Bai Hu and Wang Lang.
  • Zhou Yu - Assault on Wu Territory - Before the cut scene of the Wu army dividing forces occurs, defeat Liu Yong.

Unaligned Officers

  • Diao Chan - Diao Chan's Escape - Defeat Lu Bu.
  • Dong Zhou - Wu Zhang Plains - Stop the catapult attack by defeating Pang Tong. Then keep Fan Chou alive until the 7:30 minute mark when allied reinforcements arrive. The item should appear after the allied reinforcements arrive.
  • Fu Xi - Wan Castle - Zhang Xiu's Forces - Defeat Xu Huang and Xu Zhu.
  • Lu Bu - Chi Bi - Defeat the reinforcement generals Lu Meng, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai and Gan Ning.
  • Meng Huo - Assault on Wu Territory - Defeat Lu Xun, Taishi Ci, Gan Ning and Lu Meng in that order .
  • Nu Wa - Yellow Turban Rebellion - Yellow Turbans Forces - Kill Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei in under five minutes.
  • Yuan Shao - Battle at Hu Lao Gate - Defeat Diao Chan before Li Jue and Guo Si arrive.
  • Zhang Jiao - Nanman Campaign - All four peasants must escape.
  • Zhu Rong - Seige at He Fei Castle - Zhu Rong's Forces - Defeat Zhou Yu, Xiao Qiao, Cao Pi, Zhen Ji and Diao Chan and there will be some messages about how no one can beat Zhu Rong and Meng Huo. The item will then appear.

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