Fourth Weapons SW2:E

In Samurai Warriors 2: Empires unlocking a character's fourth weapon is the same for each and every character. Here are the requirements to obtain your character's fourth weapon.

  • Note which weapon style your character is using, whether it be Sword, Spear, or a Other.
  • The weaponsmith for this style of weapon must be level four or higher.
  • Take said character into any battle.
  • Obtain a minimum 500 KOs.
  • Avoid using allies that will result in a possible downfall in the battle for your side. Be solo.
  • You may perform this on any Difficulty Setting.
  • You will have unlocked this character's weapon. You will recieve it after the battle.

If you wish to continue in the battle you can go until you get 1000 KOs and be awarded a KO Medal. Just another achievement you can brag about.

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