Gan Ning

Gan Ning
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Xingba
A.K.A. Gan Ning of the Bells
Lifespan 180-222 A.D. (42 Years)
Birth Place Linjiang, Ba Prefecture
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Two Daos

[edit] Background

Gan Ning is a highly regarded Wu General. He is known as Gang Ning of the Bells because he wears bells to give enemies and "advantage" by hearing him.

He starts off as a leader of a group of pirates, only to join Huang Zu later. Gan Ning deserted Huang Zhu's ranks because he was accused of being a traitor. He then joins Wu and later Gan Ning kills Huang Zu

Gan Ning played an important role in ancient China. He contributed by bringing gunpowder,ships, and anchors. He even taught soldiers how to sail with a compass.

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