Gold Rush SW:XL

Why plunder the battlefield when you can rob the castle coffers of rich feudal lords? The new addition of Gold Rush in Survival Mode permits such felonious theft and hijinks. Initially given five minutes and set loose in the training halls to undergo missions to extend your time limit and fatten your wallet with gold. However, remember you gotta get out before the clock ends or you will leave with nothing!

[edit] Tips and Tricks

Time Extensions -- Stay longer by accomplishing tasks!
Seal Stronghold Gate (+10 seconds)
Get multiples of 1000 gold (+30 seconds)
Complete Trial (+30 seconds)
Fight Master of the Hall (+60 seconds)
Fight Tadakatsu at the Final Hall (+60 seconds)

Get to know the Trials -- There are six random trials that occur after every successful mission or every increment of 1000 gold. Clearing trials earn you a half minute of time on the clock, which is always a good thing.

Trial : Eliminate 10 Enemies in 30 seconds!
Tip : Enemies congregate at gates, so look there, but any random ten people to KO should be cake.

Trial : Eliminate 20 Enemies in 30 seconds!
Tip : See, this is why you don't go killing everyone in your path. Like a mercenary, pick and choose when it is worth the effort. Keep a herd of people around in pockets in case this trial comes up for an easy clear.

Trial : Perform 10 Combos or more in 30 seconds!
Tip : Do a ten hit combo on any unsuspecting enemy. Might be difficult if your character has a musou attack that is all over the place.

Trial : Perform 15 Combos or more in 30 seconds!
Tip : Definitely rely on your musou as juggling is easily interupted by just using charges.

Trial : Collect 10 bags of gold dust in 30 seconds!
Tip : Usually Captains, Riders Captains, and the like drop gold dust. If they aren't around, just do a 16 hit combo on any random fool to get some gold dust. Remember the Healing Book item too, which will yield gold dust from enemies only after a ten hit combo.

Trial : Collect 3 gold coins in 30 seconds!
Tip : Remember where boxes and urns are located and resist the urge to smash them. When this trial comes up, you can go and smashy smashy for some easy gold. Or, go smack around a Strike or Sky Ninja for some gold coins.

Keep 'em coming! -- Sealing gates will get you +10 seconds, but immediately after you seal one, break it open again. Meandering enemies are like cattle, ignore them until you need to slaughter them to succeed in a trial.

Message meltdown -- Messages on screen take their dear old time with no way of skipping past them as they occur chronologically. That means, if say Tadakatsu was insulting your masculinity and you just collected 1000 gold (a trigger of trials), the trial will not start until Tadakatsu is done lecturing you. So don't stand around waiting!

Learn the timing of the messages and events and you can use this to your advantage! Complete an event and prepare for a challenge by surrounding yourself in the enemy (like ten atleast). The instant the messages stop, unleash your musou! Chances are good that the trial is something to do with killing or combos and you'll have a great head start. The trial will activate right after the musou's initiated, ensuring speedy results.

Restrain yourself! -- You never know what trial will come up next so always keep some gold dust and coins on the floor just in case you need to snatch it up. But pick up before it fades away too! The same goes for enemies. Keep the rare ones like ninja or captains around for their creamy golden centers!

[edit] Investments: What To Do With the Loot

After you escape with some gold you are presented some options.

Retry -- Get back in there and pull down higher numbers. Goemon Ishikawa laughs at your financially-challenged status!

Weaponsmith -- Other than the rare/stronger items to purchase, this is what you've been rushing for! The weaponsmith allows you to upgrade your weapons.

But caveat emptor! Buyer beware! There are some rules that apply here.
First, only the character you just rushed with can upgrade his/her weapon set.

Second, you can only upgrade your 1-4 levels of weapons until you get your 6th weapon. With the sixth weapon, you'll be allowed to upgrade your 5th weapon. Sadly, you can't upgrade the 6th weapon. But don't look so glum. It is quite possible to upgrade a level five weapon into something that is superior to the sixth!

Third, ugrades are random! It would be prudent to acrue a ton of gold, save it, and then keep coming back until you get what you desire. Upgrades can get very expensive, so don't lose your cool when you spend 5,000 gold on a measly +1 stat boost. Don't save, load and come back for another role of the upgrade dice!

Fourth, the weaponsmith has a specific system. Elements are applied randomly and each weapon level has a certain stat maximum. Attributes like Life, Musou, Speed, Agility, and Jump will always max out at 50, regardless of the weapon level. Stats like Attack, Defense, Ranged Attack, Ranged Defense, Mounted Attack, Mounted Defense, Musou Charge, and Attack Range are level specific, allowing level 1-3 to reach a maximum of 50, level 4 to max out at 60, and level five to max out at 70.

So get to work on perfecting that 5th weapon already!

Engrave -- Here you can make the feudal Japan equivalent of vanity license plates. You can rename your Weapon here for a price. The higher the level of weapon, the higher the price. Oh yeah, just like the weaponsmith, the engraver holds 6th weapons in the same sacred reguard-- just like you can't upgrade it, you cannot rename your 6th weapon. Once you have your sixth weapon though, you can even rename 5th weapons.

But remember, you can only have ONE renamed weapon per character. Engraving does nothing other than make your weapon sound pretty.

Purchase Item -- C'mon in and get your items! The main attraction here is the ability to purchase items at higher strength levels than you might have rather than having to farm them out of levels hoping to get higher stats. Plus, you can buy the brand new rare item, the Golden Rune for the obscenely high price of 50,000 gold!

If you already have an item, you can upgrade it, but you'll only get about 1 to 2 more points added to it anyway. Note that only the Power Bracer, Himiko's Rune, Vixen Tail, Kappa Amulet, Wind Gloves, Cloak of Might, Demon Staff, and Serpent Bracer are items that you cannot buy into maxed out status. Pay all you want, they stop at 60, instead of their battlefield max of 75. So you are better off upgrading your weapon for the best stat boosts.

Exit -- Go on, leave! I think I hear sirens in the distance... If the cops ask, I never told you anything about gold or stealing it! Got it? Exit let's you leave to steal another day.

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