Guan Yu

Guan Yu
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Yunchang
A.K.A. Beautiful Beard
Lifespan 162-219 A.D. (57 years)
Birth Place Xie County, Hedong
Weapon Guan Dao named "Blue Moon Dragon"


[edit] Background

Guan Yu(Yunchang) Chief of The Five Tiger Generals of the Kingdom of Shu.

[edit] History

[edit] The Oath

During the Yellow Turban Rebellion, two generals of a rogue force named Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were asked to join a volunteer force that had been placed in the hands of Liu Bei, a highly praised leader throughout the land. During a war council one evening, Guan Yu impressed with Liu Bei's leadership skills, offered to join him in his goal. Zhang Fei soon followed suit. It iss said that the day before battle against the rebels Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu went to the peach garden behind the home of Zhang Fei. There they swore an oath of brotherhood to live and die together as one.

[edit] Death

In 219 AD, Guan Yu attacked Fan Castle, a fortress held by one of Cao Cao's generals, Cao Ren. Sun Quan, under the guidance of Lu Meng, attacked one of Guan Yu's bases while he was away. After taking hostage the families of some of the troops under Guan Yu, they offered them a choice to save them by surrendering. This lead to almost all of Guan Yu's troops defecting, leaving Guan Yu, Guan Ping, and Zhao Lei with no escape. They were captured by Sun Quan's troops, and were beheaded.

[edit] The Talking Head

Afterwards Sun Quan sent the head of Guan Yu to Cao Cao, to make appear to Liu Bei that he had killed him. When Cao Cao opened the box that the head came it, he said to it "I hope you are well since we last parted." The head then opened its mouth and its hair stood up at its ends. Cao Cao fainted from fright. When he was revived, he said that "General Guan is truly a god from heaven!" He then had the head buried with full honors.

[edit] Possession Of Lu Meng

While Sun Quan was holding a feast to commemorate the capture of Guan Yu. While at the feast, Lu Meng's body was possessed by the late Guan Yu. He grabbed Sun Quan, and swore revenge on the ruler of Kingdom of Wu. Afterwards, Lu Meng collapsed and died.

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