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In Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, there are two types of items: battlefield items and products. The battlefield items can be found on the stage during combat and are temporary. Products are equippable items that enhance abilities and are produced in different cities.


[edit] Battlefield Items

[edit] Temporary Ability Boosts

War God's Axe - Attack x2 for 30 seconds
War God's Armor - Defense x2 for 30 seconds
Speed Boots - Speed max for 30 seconds
Imperial Seal - Unlimited Musou Attacks for 10 seconds

[edit] Healing Items

Meat Bun - Life +50
Meat Bun x2 - Life +100
Meat - Life +200
Whole Chicken - Life +400
Wine - Musou Gauge recovers to Maximum Capacity
Elixer - Life and Musou recover to Maximum Capacity

[edit] Tools for Battle Items

Quiver - Arrows +10

[edit] Products

The following are the Products that are found within Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires. Each Product is made in a specific territory and some Products can be found in more than one territory.

Equipped items cannot be acquired on the battlefield. They are usually produced every six turns and are used up after being equipped in battle. Items with levels can be raised through Refine and Perfect, two policies found within the Product Development Policy Section.

[edit] Harnesses

[edit] Elephant Harness

Begin stage on a Elephant

[edit] Hex Mark Harness

Begin stage on Hex Mark

[edit] Red Hare Harness

Begin stage on Red Hare

[edit] Storm Harness

Begin stage on Storm Runner

[edit] Shadow Harness

Begin stage on Shadow Runner

[edit] Orbs

[edit] Fire Orb

Give you a Burning Elemental Attack

[edit] Lightning Orb

Give you a Lightning Elemental Attack

[edit] Vorpal Orb

Give you a Vorpal Elemental Attack

[edit] Ice Orb

Give you a Freezing Elemental Attack

[edit] Blast Orb

Give you a Blast Elemental Attack

[edit] Poison Orb

Give you a Poisonous Elemental Attack

[edit] Special

[edit] Art of War

Extends the allotted time on temporary ability boosts

[edit] Bodyguard Manual

Bodyguards become stronger

[edit] Cavalry Armor

Mounted Defense Increases

[edit] Charge Bracer

Endure hits while using Charge Attacks

[edit] Code of Chivalry

No time limited Duels

[edit] Dragon Amulet

Musou MAX Increases

[edit] Elixir

Musou Gauge fills quicker

[edit] Fire Arrows

Arrows are now laced with Fire

[edit] Helm of Might

Peons can't attack during Announce Attack

[edit] Herbal Remedy

Charge Attack Increases

[edit] Horned Helm

Mounted Attack Increases

[edit] Horseshoes

Horse's Trample causes more Damage

[edit] Huang's Bow

Bow Attack Increases

[edit] Master of Musou

Musou Attack stops enemies from inflicting pain

[edit] Meat Bun Sack

Meat Buns appear more often

[edit] Musou Armor

Wearer not stunned by Bow Attacks

[edit] Nanman Armor

Bow Defense Increases

[edit] Peacock Urn

Life MAX Increases

[edit] Power Rune

Attack Increases while Defense Decreases

[edit] Power Scroll

You'll never lose a Weapon Deadlock

[edit] Secret of Orbs

An equipped Orb becomes more powerful

[edit] Seven Star Sash

Luck Increases

[edit] Speed Scroll

Speed Increases

[edit] Survival Guide

Attack x2 when near death

[edit] Tiger Amulet

Attack Increases

[edit] Tortoise Amulet

Defense Increases

[edit] War Drum

Ally Morale rises easier

[edit] Way of Musou

Can always use character's True Musou Attack

[edit] Wing Boots

Jumping Increases

[edit] Wind Scroll

Attacking Range Increases

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