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Like all expansions, DW4:Xtreme Legends brings a set of new and certainly "xtreme" items to collect. However, item hunters should be aware of the specifics necessary to obtain such rare treasures.

Only in Legends mode, on any difficulty, you must complete the missions detailed below. Upon completion, the item will appear on the battlefield either as a precious item report or in the hands of a supply team. The precious item report means the item has materialized on the stage within a giant red box that you must go smash and grab. Check your map and battle history to pinpoint its location. The supply team is a group of soldiers scurrying for a gate, the captain holds your item. Slay them and pick up the item before they escape the stage.

The following lists the new items for DW4:XL. For information concerning the other items carried over from DW4, view the main DW4 items article.


[edit] Code of Chivalry

Effect: No time limit in duels
Stage: Challenge Mode
Method: Defeat 30 officers consecutively in continual duels in challenge mode. The item will be awarded after you finally succumb to death.

[edit] Helm of Might

Effect: Ability to announce yourself (R3) uninterupted while withstanding any attack (but still take damage of course)
Stage: Zhang Fei's Legend
Method: Hang out around the Chang Ban bridge, no farther than the wooden gate. Get 300 KOs in 7 minutes, without letting a single soldier across the bridge. If you succeed, the supply team will fly from bottom left to top right very quickly.

[edit] Horseshoes

Effect: Ally morale rises more easily
Stage: Ma Chao's Legend
Method: In under five minutes you must defeat Yang Huai, Gao Pei, and any three different enemy gates (some respawn, which is fine). Success will bring a precious item report.

[edit] Master of Musou

Effect: Enemies cannot block musou atack, but the musou bar depletes twice as fast.
Stage: Lu Bu's Legend
Method: Get 1300 KOs before the oath brothers, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appears. Then the supply team appears just south.

[edit] Meat Bun Sack

Effect: Probability of meat buns dropping more frequently increases
Stage: Xu Zhu's Legend
Method: Complete this long list of killing supply captains and then their general they belonged to. Start with Yu Jin's supply captain, then Yu Jin becomes angry, so go defeat Yu Jin. Kill Li Dian's supply captain, Li Dian becomes angry, defeat Li Dian. Defeat Dian Wei for the first time. About four minutes into the level, Yue Jin appears in the east (where Jia Kui is in Battle of Jie Ting). Wait for him there and ignore Dian Wei. Kill Yue Jin's supply captain, Yue Jin becomes angry, defeat Yue Jin. Defeat Dian Wei for the second time.
Then about six and a half minutes in, Man Chong appears (where Zhang He is in Battle of Jie Ting). Wait for him there and ignore Dian Wei. Kill Man Chong's supply captain, Man Chong becomes angry, defeat Man Chong. Then finally you'll get the precious item report.

[edit] Musou Armor

Effect: Armor that prevents warrior from flinching by arrow attacks
Stage: Sun Quan's Legend
Method: Knock out Zhuge Liang three times. A supply team will then burst from the middle left gate and sprint to the east.

[edit] Power Rune

Effect: Doubles attack power but halves defense strength
Stage: Zhuge Liang's Legend
Method: Beat Yue Ying six times in such a quick manner there is no doubt you are the winner. Then you'll get the item report. The red box is where the seventh and last Yue Ying
appears. Make sure you get the item before finishing-off this final Yue Ying.

[edit] Secret of the Orbs

Effect: Increases the effect of orbs
Stage: Zhou Tai's Legend
Method: Ignore Sun Quan so you can rescue all four sub-officers and seal all six gates. Then you'll get the precious item report.

[edit] War Drum

Effect: Ally morale rises more easily
Stage: Meng Huo's Legend
Method: With the only ally gate surviving, seal all enemy gates. Then you'll get a precious item report.

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