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For Empires, one does not scavenge the battlefield for items. There is no pawing through the shards of a broken crate or stealing from the fallen's remains. No, you take on a more benign role of manufacturing the items.


[edit] Regular Items

For regular items, each territory has certain items they can produce. Particular items need to be developed using the Development policy before they can be produced. You can upgrade items by using the Upgrade or Upgrade+ policies. You can only upgrade the items up to 20. Here is a list of the regular stat increasing items and what they do.

  • Peacock Urn: Life Up
  • Dragon Amulet: Musou Up
  • Tiger Amulet: Attack Up
  • Tortoise Amulet: Defense Up
  • Speed Scroll: Speed Up
  • Huang's Bow: Bow Attack and Bow Defense Up
  • Horned Helm: Horse Attack and Horse Defense Up
  • Seven Star Belt: Luck Up
  • Ginseng: Musou Fill Up
  • Herbal Remedy: Charge Attack Up

[edit] Special Items

Adding to the batch of special items of DW5 are three new accessories and one saddle (Siberian Collar, Parry Scroll, Unicorn Hoof, and the Mammoth Harness). These items can be developed in cities. Most of the better Special Items are closer to the bottom of the development list of a city, so you may have to spend some time using the Development policy before you can get to these items. There are three kinds of special items in Empires; Saddles, Orbs, and Accessories.

[edit] Saddles

  • Red Hare Saddle: Ride Red Hare, the fastest horse on Earth.
  • Hex Mark Saddle: Ride Hex Mark, fabled to be lucky (perhaps not so much)
  • Storm Harness: Ride Storm Runner and get a boost in your Horse Attack/Defense
  • Shadow Harness: Ride Shadow Runner and stay in the saddle as all attacks will not dismount you (hurt you, yes, oh yes it will hurt, but you won't be dismounted)
  • Elephant Harness: Ride an elephant
  • Mammoth Harness: Ride a battle elephant

[edit] Orbs

  • Fire Orb: Element damages enemies as long as you keep them aflame.
  • Ice Orb: Temporarily encase foes in ice and lower their defense too.
  • Shadow Orb: Sacrifice musou gauge for chance of instant one-hit kills or severe damage.
  • Light Orb: Break through enemies' blocks to inflict damage.

[edit] Accessories

  • Art of War Ability boost items have longer effect
  • Survival Guide: Attack doubles when knocked down and health is low
  • Bodyguard Manual: Bodyguards become stronger
  • Demon Band: Extends the length of the Musou Rage
  • Way of Musou: Can use True Musou Attack regardless of health
  • Wind Scroll: Attack range increases
  • Fire Arrows: Can use fire arrows
  • Arm Guards: No interruption during charge attacks
  • Tiger Collar: Begin stage accompanied by a tiger
  • Green Scroll: Attack increase but defense decreases
  • Musou Armor: Wearer not stunned by bow attacks
  • Tribal Remedy: Health recovers for every 100 enemies defeated
  • Serpent Earrings: Attack increases for every 100 enemies defeated
  • Naga Earrings: Defense increases for every 100 enemies defeated
  • Dragon Arms: Can jump during Charge Attacks
  • True Way of Musou: Strength and duration of Musou Attack increases
  • Ice Arrows: Can use ice arrows
  • Vampire Arms: Health restored by guarding just before an enemy attack
  • Meat Bun sack: Defeated enemies drop meat buns at a set probability
  • Kirin Hoof: Increases the strength of your mounts and tigers
  • Unicorn Hoof: Speed of horses and elephants increases
  • Parry Scroll: Strength of parries increases (a parry is a counter attack where you press the charge attack button while you are blocking, if you press the charge attack button right before the enemy attacks you, you will perform a counter attack)
  • Siberian Collar: Begin stage accompanied by 3 tigers

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