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You can equip items to enhance your abilities in the game. The system is like Dynasty Warriors 3, all characters can equip up to five items.

There are two types of items. The kind you collect and equip in between stages and the kind you find on the battlefield that take effect immediately, these are listed in the manual but they are listed here for convenience as well.


[edit] Battlefield Items

Healing Items
Small Rice ball- Restore Life +20
Rice Cake- Restore Life +50
Rice Ball- Restore Life +100
Rice Balls- Restore Life +200
Rice Bowl- Restore Life Fully
Small Musou Sake- Restore Musou +20
Musou Sake- Restore Musou Fully
Hannya- Restore Life and Musou Fully

Temporary Ability Boosts
White Blade- Attack Doubled for 30 seconds
Ancestral Armor- Defense Doubled for 30 seconds
Bronze Mirror- Musou Gauge Full for 5 seconds
Spirit Mirror- Musou Gauge full for 10 seconds
War Sandals- Speed at MAX for 30 seconds
Spirit Gem- Elemental Attack Level at MAX for 30 seconds

EXP Items
Gold Dust- +50 EXP Points
Gold Coin- +100 EXP Points
Gold Bar- +200 EXP Points

Treasure Boxes
Treasure Box- Contains a Skill Item (Recieved at end of stage)
Wooden Case- Contains a weapon for your character (Recieved at end of stage)

[edit] Equipable Items

[edit] Arabian Saddle

Begin any stage on an Arabian Steed, Masamune Date's horse.

Stage: Yukimura Sanada's path - Siege of Osaka-Summer
Complete all missions up to and including preventing Masamune Date from entering Osaka Castle, all under ten minutes. Once Masamune is defeated, a Supply Team carrying your item will emerge from the west gate, south from where you are, and head towards the east gate.

[edit] Battle Drum

An enchanted drum that raise's ally army morale.

Stage: Okuni's path - Dance of Kawanakajima

Easily enough, just hit any drum 50 times and a supply team will appear in the southeast of the map and head to the northeast exit.

[edit] Books of the Abyss

An ancient war manual written by a great swordsman. When all books are equipped...?

Stage: Level 6 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

Book of Earth Level 12 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

Book of Water Level 18 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

Book of Fire Level 24 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

Book of Wind Level 30 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

Book of Air Level 36 of the Abyss (Survival Mode)

When you equip all of them, elemental attacks become instant death strikes. The instant death does not work on officers (still hurts a lot though) and you will still need the elemental skills for the instant death to work.

[edit] Cloak of Night

A cloak made from the hide of a mystical beast. Ranged Defense +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Demon Staff

A staff created by an ancient dark power. Horse Attack +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Elemental Rune

A bauble that increases the power of elemental attacks. Elemental levels increased by one.

Stage: Kenshin Uesugi's path - Kawanakajima Showdown

Rack up 1000 KOs and the supply team will appear in the northeast.

[edit] Gold Incense

A valuable fragrance that prolongs item effects. Field items last 1.5 times longer.

Stage: Noh's path - Gifu Infiltration

Dash through the castle, NOT defeating Kunoichi on the first floor and on the second floor, do not defeat Kunoichi or Magoichi Saika. On the third floor, defeat Kunoichi. A valuable item will appear at the end of the northern hallway.

[edit] Guiding Doll

A rare doll that reveals treasures within a castle displaying them in pink on the map.

Stage: Goemon Ishikawa's path - Osaka Intrusion

On the first floor get all four treasures and defeat the two generals.

[edit] Hachiman Bell

A bell that can detect traps inside a castle. Dangers revealed as purple areas on the map.

Stage: Masamune Date's path - Odawara Campaign

On the third floor, break all fake stairways and the item will appear southeast of the eastern staircase.

[edit] Hare Greaves

Greaves that give its wearer supernatural ability. Jump +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Healing Balm

Replenishes fallen bodyguards' life one time.

Stage: Survival Mode - Tower

Complete level 30 of the Tower to recieve the item.

[edit] Himiko's Rune

A rune inscribed by the Shaman Queen Himiko. Defense +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Horse Armor

Damage to Steed Meter diminished by half and decrease likeliness of being dismounted by force.

Stage: New Officer's path - The Battle of Nagashino

Occupy Nagashino Castle to stake out Tadamasu Sakai's ambush party. Defeat him and then await Hanzo Hattori's assault on Nagashino Castle. The speechless Hanzo (he says "...") signifies he has begun. Quickly take him down and hurry back home to your camp to beat Keiji Maeda to complete the mission. Then wait for Katsyori to retreat. Afterwards you will get a quest to defeat Nobunaga Oda. Quickly run into his camp within 1 minute and a Supply Team with the Horse Armor will appear in his camp.

[edit] Kappa Amulet

An amulet worn by the mysterious Kappa Race. Luck +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Lantern

A guiding light that displays all areas inside a castle floor.

Stage: Kunoichi's path - Rescue from Ueda Castle

With less than 20 minutes left on the clock reach the fifth floor.

[edit] Matsukaze Saddle

Begin battle mounted on the legendary Matsukaze, Keiji Maeda's horse.

Stage: Shingen Takeda's path - Siege of Azuchi Castle

Defeat Keiji Maeda when you enter Azuchi's southwestern gate. The supply team appears in the left of the center and heads for the northeast exit.

[edit] Moon Stone

A ring imbued with the powers of the moon. Musou Max +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Power Bracer

Bracer worn by the ancient hero Takeru. Attack +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Saddle

Begin any stage mounted on a generic horse. Power +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Serpent Bracer

Bracers made from the scales of Orochi, the serpent monster. Horse Defense +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Solar Gem

A necklace imbued with the powers of the sun. Life Max +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Tengu Sandals

Sandals worn by the Tengu Ogres. Speed +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Vixen Tail

An accessory made from the tail of a spirit fox. Musou Charge +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

[edit] Warrior's Tale

A training manual for bodyguards. It will make them stronger.

Stage: New Officer's path - Siege of Osaka-Summer - Toyotomi side

Complete every mission that comes up, including keeping that brat, Masamune Date from entering Osaka all the while keeping your troop of four bodyguards alive. The final part of the requirement involves supporting Yukimura Sanada's charge. To do this, simply follow him around until you both get trapped. Beat about 100 enemies around him and then approach him to trigger the supply team to appear on the west side.

[edit] Wind Gloves

Gloves enchanted by the Gods of Wind. Ranged Attack +1-50.

Stage: Found in boxes and dropped by officers

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