Katsuie Shibata

Katsuie Shibata
Katsuie Shibata sw2xl.png
SW2:XL model
Lifespan 1522 – 14 Jun. 1583 A.D.
A.K.A. Devil Shibata, Gonroku
Birth Place Owari Province
Weapon Two Hand Axes


[edit] History

Katsuie Shibata was old-fashioned samurai warrior and Oda retainer.

[edit] Background

Katsuie Shibata

[edit] Warrior Detail

Katsuie fights like an explosive force of nature. He has an axe in each hand. With the grace of a rhino stampede, Katsuie mashes and slashes, hacking and hammering away at crowds. His superior crowd control skill works in his favor as enemy generals also waver in his wake.

[edit] SW2:XL Titles

Level 1 - 10: Veteran Warrior

Level 11 - 20: Loyal Servant

Level 21 - 30: Devil Shibata

Level 31 - 40: Man of Principle

Level 41 - 49: Striker of Fear

Level 50 - 69: Stoic Legend

Level 70: History's Exemplar

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 130 80 93 92 92 85 90 87
Max Stats 360 240 234 232 204 180 175 218

[edit] Self Skill

Absorb - Blocking enemy attacks refills Musou gauge.

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Grabs singular enemy and pile-drives him or her into the ground head-first.

Special 2: Uses musou to to go into a temporary special state where every attack has an explosion with it.

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