Kotaro Fuma

Kotaro Fuma
Kotaro fuma sw2.png
SW2 model
Lifespan  ???
A.K.A. N/A
Birth Place Odawara
Weapon Demon Gauntlets


[edit] History

Kotaro Fuma was the fifth leader of the Fuma clan, a clandestine troop of ninja in service to the Hojo clan.

[edit] Background

The ninja Kotaro Fuma refers to himself as the god of evil and appears to have otherworldly abilities. With an unquenchable thirst for chaos he sows seeds of strife wherever he goes, often appearing as an unwanted interloper. Kotaro holds an intense rivalry with Hanzo Hattori.

[edit] Warrior Detail

Kotaro is quite lethal with his incredible speed, agility, and strength. He wields unconventional gauntlets that can reach with extending grips and slash with talons.

[edit] SW2 Titles

Level 1 - 10: Ninja of the Hojo

Level 11 - 20: Master Fuma

Level 21 - 30: Fiend of Hakone

Level 31 - 40: The Catalyst

Level 41 - 49: Plague Upon Man

Level 50 - 69: Chaos Incarnate

Level 70: Master of Mayhem

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 108 100 88 85 100 126 150 87
Max Stats 267 300 176 171 193 196 200 183

[edit] Self Skill

Facility - Evade while performing a charge attack

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Extend arm to grab and throw an opponent

Special 2: Summon fireballs to throw at enemies

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