Lu Meng

Lu Meng
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Ziming
A.K.A. N/A
Lifespan 178-219 A.D. (41 years)
Birth Place Fupo, Runan
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Hooked Spear


[edit] Background

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[edit] He Fei Failure

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[edit] Lu Xun As Successor

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[edit] Fan Castle And The Death Of Guan Yu

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[edit] Death Conspiracies

It is said that during the execution of Guan Yu, Lu Meng was told that 'I(Guan Yu) will return to kill you for your betrayal'. This didn't effect Lu Mengs decision to execute Guan Yu however, Several months later Lu Meng was confronted by a ghost of which appeared to be Guan Yu and killed him.
In the popular Dynasty warriors 5 video game, It shows Lu Meng suffering from what looks like a wound from battle and his successor Lu Xun trying to save him. There is no real documentation on how Lu Meng died, However there are stories that have been past on over generations.

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