Mitsunari Ishida

Mitsunari Ishida
Mitsunari ishida sw2.png
SW2 model
Lifespan 1560 - 6 Nov. 1600 A.D.
A.K.A. Sakichi
Birth Place Omi province
Weapon Large Folding Fan


[edit] History

Mitsunari Ishida was an intelligent retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, unifier of Japan, that lead a loyalist faction called the Western Army after his lord's death.

[edit] Background

Mitsunari Ishida

[edit] Warrior Detail

Mitsunari fights with a large folding fan that he can twirl like a buzz saw or toss like a boomerang to dispatch foes in close to medium distance. Collapsing the fan causes planted explosives to detonate, a tactic used prudently could potentially wipe out crowds in the blink of the eye.

[edit] SW2 Titles

Level 1 - 10: The Precocious

Level 11 - 20: Loyal Retainer

Level 21 - 30: Talented Leader

Level 31 - 40: Disciple of Right

Level 41 - 49: Divine Minister

Level 50 - 69: Secret Schemer

Level 70: Monkey's Heir

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 115 92 89 89 92 106 100 87
Max Stats 289 276 183 183 181 171 165 183

[edit] Self Skill

Recoil - Counter indirect attacks when guarding

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Place a mine on the ground

Special 2: Explodes mines previously set

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