No sw2.png
SW2 model
Lifespan 1535 - ??? A.D.
A.K.A. Kichō, Nōhime
Birth Place Mino province
Weapon Assassin Claws


[edit] History

No was a clever and beautiful woman from Mino. She was the daughter of the notorious daimyo Dosan "The Viper" Saito. No was married to Nobunaga Oda, as part of a truce between their fathers.

[edit] Background

No is torn between endless love and devotion to her husband Nobunaga Oda and the venomous wishes of her father, Dosan Saito.

[edit] Warrior Detail

No hides long, deadly blades coated in toxins within the folds of her kimono sleeves. When she fights, the claws come out, quickly churning-enemies at close range. She compliments slashes and sweeping kicks with small bombs tossed and planted to break defense and shake-up the crowds.

[edit] SW2 Titles

Level 1 - 10: Viper's Daughter

Level 11 - 20: Lady of Oda

Level 21 - 30: Sweet Poison

Level 31 - 40: Deadly Beauty

Level 41 - 49: Demoness

Level 50 - 69: Venom Queen

Level 70: Serpent Goddess

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 115 96 88 88 87 106 100 93
Max Stats 289 288 181 181 173 171 165 189

[edit] Self Skill

Absorb - Blocking enemy attacks will refill your musou gauge.

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Set mines

Special 2: Detonate mines she has set

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