Nobunaga Oda

Nobunaga Oda
Nobunaga oda sw2.png
SW2 model
Lifespan 23 Jun. 1534 – 21 Jun. 1582 A.D. (47 Years)
A.K.A. Demon King
Birth Place Owari province
Weapon Double Edged Soul Sword


[edit] History

Nobunaga Oda was a powerful daimyo and warrior that stood amongst the boiling chaos of the unstable country. He lead a brutal conquest to unify the land, but was cut short by a betrayal by his retainer, Mitsuhide Akechi.

[edit] Background

Nobunaga Oda was the head of the Oda clan. With is wife, No, and his talented retainers like Ranmaru Mori, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Katsuie Shibata,Mitsuhide Akechi,and Toshiie Maeda he set out to conquer Japan.

[edit] Warrior Detail

Nobunaga fights with an aggressive sword style of vicious slashes and crushing demon energy. He channels a purple glow of power to stun foes, shield himself, and increase his strength.

[edit] Story

In the second title, his story abridges Okehazama and fast forwards to Nagashino. Shingen, who had previously died after crushing his ally the Tokugawa to a resounding defeat at Mikatagahara, Katsuyori, the current leader of the Takeda, decides to attack the Tokugawa and when Ieyasu requests for reinforcments, Nobunaga answers with 3000 riflemen. The Oda-Tokugawa alliance decimate the Takeda cavalry and force Katsuyori to retreat. The nearby house of Honganji, whose methods were popular with commonfolk decided to raise an army to oppose Nobunaga at Osaka bay, with the help of the Mori navy and the Saika mercenaries. Nobunaga and his navy, led by Yoshitaka, ultimately destroy the Honganji alliance. Angered by his rival's death and Nobunaga's method, Kenshin raises an army to oppose Katsuie's forces at Tedorigawa. After a successful water attack, the Shibata army are isolated up front and request reinforcements from Nobunaga himself. The Uesugi also ally themselves with Ikko rebels to aid them and Mitsuhide, who no longer can bear the sight of innocent people getting slaughtered, takes his absence from the battlefield. Afterwards, the Takeda and Uesugi remains retreat to Ueda castle, where Nobunaga gains a coalition in the form of the Tokugawa, Hojo and former Takeda retainers. The Hojo prove a loose cannon and Kotaro is let loose onto the field, foreseeing Nobunaga's preclaimked death at Honnoji. Nobunaga slays Katsuyori and Masayuki, thus ending the Takeda clan. Mitsuhide's sudden betrayal at Honnoji, after he was requested to help Hideyoshi, at Shikoku, gives Nobunaga's army some anticipation. After No's and Ranmaru's injuries, Nobunaga kills Mitsuhide in the burning temple after their duel, and promises to carry on his ambition for the sake of Mitsuhide.

[edit] SW2 Titles

Level 1 - 10: Fool of Owari

Level 11 - 20: Storm General

Level 21 - 30: The Upstart

Level 31 - 40: Nether Lord

Level 41 - 49: Master of Chaos

Level 50 - 69: Demon King

Level 70: Mighty Conqueror

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 125 91 106 89 97 106 106 99
Max Stats 289 282 186 183 188 171 171 196

[edit] Self Skill

Vehemence - Weapon charge achieved by special move strengthened

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Focus aura into an energy barrier

Special 2: Increase the strength of weapon attacks momentarily

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