Oichi sw2.png
SW2 model
Lifespan 1547 – 1583 A.D.
A.K.A. N/A
Birth Place Owari province
Weapon Kendama


[edit] History

Oichi was sister to Nobunaga Oda

[edit] Background

The life of Oichi is a tragic tale of political marriage, clan feuding, and suicide on par with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Initially she was married to Katsuie Shibata in 1567, but that marriage was annulled later that year so she could marry Nagamasa Azai. The peace between the Azai and the Oda did not last long as Nobunaga struck the Asakura clan, long-time ally of the Azai. Unable to ignore the plight of the Asakura, Nagamasa broke his bonds with his brother-in-law and fought back. The resulting outcome was Nagamasa's defeat and his final wish of her rejoining the Oda. Later, Oichi remarried Katsuie Shibata after her brother's death. However, in the chaos of the warring Oda factions, Hideyoshi Toyotomi's assault on Shibata played out as an all-too-similar scenario of Odani castle where Nagamasa died. Instead of joining the custody of her husband's murderer, Oichi stayed with Katsuie as the castle burned all around them.

[edit] Warrior Detail

Oichi holds a kendama, a child's toy that consists of a cup on a stick and a ball on a string. This tool for fun turns into a versatile mace in Oichi's hands. She has many moves of varying range to dispatch foes with acrobatic grace.

[edit] Samurai Warriors 2

[edit] Titles

Level 1 - 10: Lady of Odani

Level 11 - 20: Battle Flower

Level 21 - 30: Warrior Princess

Level 31 - 40: Deadly Rose

Level 41 - 49: Celestial Maiden

Level 50 - 69: Light of Hope

Level 70: Loyal Beauty

[edit] Statistics

Life Musou Attack Defense Ride Speed Dexterity Luck
Base Stats 103 106 84 85 90 124 126 105
Max Stats 261 318 169 171 178 194 196 200

[edit] Self Skill

Finesse - Jump after executing a charge attack

[edit] Special Attacks

Special 1: Increase the abilities of allies nearby with a buff of attack, defense, speed, or health.

Special 2: Call an allied unit near

[edit] Warriors Orochi

[edit] Weapons

Cup & Ball Cup & Stone Cup & Iron Cup & Gold
Base Attack 8 16 33 66
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