Shin Orochi wo2.png
Shin Orochi model
Lifespan  ???
A.K.A. The Serpent King
Birth Place  ???
Weapon Scythe

[edit] History

Orochi is an immensely powerful being that folded space and time, combining the Three Kingdoms era of China with the Sengoku period of Japan, in order to provide himself with a challenge.

[edit] Background

Obsessed with the entropic decay of the universe, Orochi seeks someone worthy of his strength. Perhaps this is one big cosmic death wish, but Orochi has shattered the space-time continuum just to find someone to best him. To Orochi, his existence is confirmed in the nonexistence of others.

It appeared he got what he wanted as at the end of Warriors Orochi, he was defeated by the combined efforts of the rag-tag assembly of Dynasty and Samurai warriors.

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