Other Kingdoms

Chinese hanzi for Other

In Dynasty Warriors, all non-Three Kingdoms warriors are relegated to the miscellaneous category of "Other." In the Warriors Orochi series, the "Other" group consists of all the random time-travelers, good and bad.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors "Other" Playable Characters

  • Diao Chan- beautiful dancer with the heart of a conniving spy
  • Lu Bu - unmatched warrior that was nearly unbeatable in combat, archery, and horse-riding
  • Yuan Shao - pompous aristocratic warlord that Cao Cao once called master
  • Zhang Jiao - over-zealous Yellow Turban Rebellion cult leader with weather powers
  • Meng Huo - ferocious protector of the southern lands, Meng Huo is the Nanman King
  • Zhu Rong - the Nanman Queen called the "Daughter of Fire"
  • Fu Xi Chinese deity and sibling to Nu Wa
  • Nu Wa Chinese deity and sibling to Fu Xi

[edit] Warriors Orochi "Other" Playable Characters

  • Orochi - the Serpent King that folded space and time
  • Da Ji - Orochi's fox-sprite strategist and right-hand-woman
  • Sun Wukong - the mythic Monkey King from Journey to the West
  • Kiyomori Taira - Japanese samurai from the 11th century, enemy of the Minamoto clan
  • Himiko - Japanese shaman Queen and ally of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period

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