Policies DW4:E

There are 7 Categories of Policies with 50 altogether. Each Category is based on a specific type idea. You can develop products (equipment, etc.), heal troops, or recruit officers. Refer to each section for the specific details to each policy.


[edit] Battle Tactics

Create battle plans is what these policies may do.

Lt. Skill:
Cost: n/a

  • Allow Lieutenenats to use Skills in battle.
    Cost: 4000
  • Delay enemy reinforecements.
    Fast Heal:
    Cost: 600
  • Hasten the arrival of reinforcement.
    Cost: 500
  • During an invasion, friendly local troops will appear to assist you.
    Cost: 800
  • Hinder the arrival of enemy assistance.
    Cost: 2000
  • Force the defection of an enemy officer.
    Take Over:
    Cost: 1200
  • Begin the battle with half of the bases already secured.

    [edit] Diplomacy

    Create alliances with other forces and exchange products is what these policies may do.

    Cost: n/a

  • Encourage an area's commerce, acquire gold.
    Cost: 5000
  • Exchange production facilities with another ruler
    Send Craftsmen:
    Cost: 1000
  • Support production of another force ad form an alliance for 3 turns.
    Short Alliance:
    Cost: 400
  • Form an alliance for 4 turns.
    Long Alliance:
    Cost: 1000
  • Form an alliance fo 8 turns.
    Joint Attack:
    Cost: 1000
  • Receive ally reinforcements in the next battle.
    Cost: n/a
  • Coerce a force to enter into an alliance and make them pay gold. Allies for 4 turns.

    [edit] Government

    Please or anger the people of your kingdom is what these policies may do.

    Cost: 300

  • Conduct a survey to hear the people's needs.
    Cost: 300
  • Delay production by one turn to give people a holiday.
    Forced Labor:
    Cost: n/a
  • Force people to harder labor to speed up production by one turn.
    Cost: 300
  • Allow troops to returen home with a pension. Forces are reduced by 20%
    Emergency Tax:
    Cost: n/a
  • Collect 500 gold from the people in your kingdom.
    Cost: 1500
  • Conduct a draft. All officers' forces are increased by 2000 troops.
    Cost: 2000
  • Donate gold to the people of your kingdom.
    Grand Tax:
    Cost: n/a
  • Collect 1000+ (Area population x 50)

    [edit] Heal Forces

    Replenish troops weakened in battle(s) is what these policies may do.

    Heal 1:
    Cost: 200

  • Restore 1000 troops to an officer's forces.
    Heal 2:
    Cost: 1000
  • Completely restore an officer's forces.
    Triple Heal:
    Cost: 800
  • Restore 1000 troops to up to three officers' forces.
    Heal All 1:
    Cost: 300
  • Restore 500 troops to all officers' forces.
    Heal All 2:
    Cost: 2000
  • Restore 1000 troops to all officers' forces.
    Heal All 3:
    Cost: 3000
  • Restore 2000 troops to all officers' forces.
    Heal All 4:
    Cost: 4000
  • Completely restore all forces.

    [edit] Officer Affairs

    Acquire free officers and recruit from other forces is what these policies may do.

    Cost: 3000

  • Raise the level of your officer.
    Local Search:
    Cost: 1700+
  • Search your area for free officers.
    Wide Search:
    Cost: 2200+
  • Search the entire country for free officers.
    Cost: 2000
  • Recruit talent and choose an officer to employ.
    Cost: 3200+
  • Present a product to another force in order to convince an officer to join you. You cannot select which specific officer will join you.
    Cost: 1000
  • Present a product to specific officer from another force to convince him to join you. Once completed a new product will be developed.

    [edit] Product Development

    Speed up product (item) production and increase item levels is what these policies may do.

    Cost: n/a

  • Promote a region's industry, acquire 300 gold
    Cost: 1500+
  • Cancel current production, and begin production
    of a new product.
    Cost: 2000
  • Begin production of a new prouct in addition to
    the production of current products.
    Cost: 1000
  • Shorten production time by turns.
    Cost: 850+
  • Raise the level of a product.
    Cost: 2500
  • Substantially raise the level of a product
    Mass Produce
    Cost: 1000
  • Speed up the production an entire region's products so that those products can be used in the next battle.

    [edit] Reinforce Military

    Reinforce weapons to give troops the advantage in battle is what these policies may do.

    Fire Arrows:
    Cost: 200

  • Equip all archers with fire arrows.
    Cost: 300
  • Sorcers will join your forces.
    Cost: 400
  • Shamans will join your forces.
    Cost: 400
  • Increase time limit by 10 minutes.
    Point Increase:
    Cost: 600
  • Player�s officer's score is doubled.
    Wood Ox:
    Cost: 500
  • The Wood Ox is added to your forces.
    Cost: 500
  • Juggernauts are added to your forces.
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