Sixth Weapons SW:XL

When the 5th weapon just doesn't cut it anymore, you can always go for the ultimate 6th weapon.


[edit] Requirements/Tips

  • Change the difficulty to Hell. Yeah, Hell; A level higher than hard.
  • If Hell is just too much for you, remember that you can always trade in 100,000 points to lower the requirement for earning sixth weapons to Hard difficulty instead of Hell. Once paid this blanket effect will apply to all characters.
  • If you don't have 100,000 points to spend yet, watch for lucky cursors. Yes, at the character selection screen the marker that is normally blue will highlight green on a random character everytime you turn on the game. The lucky character generally gets better items and weapons, and also, during that playtime only, can earn fifth and sixth weapons at one difficulty level lower than normal. Thus sixth weapons can be had on hard and fifth weapons on normal.
  • If all else fails, bulk up your character. It couldn't hurt to be a little stronger.
  • And once you get your sixth, fifth weapons will start to drop randomly on stages. Theoretically you could happen upon a high-powered fifth weapon that even surpasses your sixth (don't forget about upgrading the fifth in Gold Rush's weaponsmith!)

Now, let's hunt!

[edit] Edit Character Naginata

Stage: Summer Campaign at Osaka
Method: To obtain the Goryou Sanemori Naginata, you must do a laundry list of chores. Start by stoppping the Sandamaru cannon by defeating the guard captains on both sides of the main gate. Yukimura Sanada will charge the main camp, swat him down and then go get Matabei Gotou as you enter the east gate of the castle. Yukimura will jump up again to attack the main camp. This time play some reverse psychology and leave him alone to let him rack up 200 kills. Remember, you can't let Yukimura into the camp so feed his killing spree by quickly wiping out all of the enemy except for the commander and closing the gates. You might even have to stall Yukimura yourself to wait for your allies to spit out more soldiers. Once 200 is met, Ieyasu Tokugawa will then announce a full scale attack, which will then trigger the supply team to manifest near Matabei Gotou's starting point and make way to the west.

[edit] Edit Character Spear

Stage: Battle of Kawanakajima
Method: To obtain the Otegine, go through normally until you get the mission to help Yukimura Sanada going down the mountain. Do this while keeping all your allies alive and a supply team will appear in the mid-south gate and dash east.

[edit] Edit Character Sword

Stage: Attack of Ueda Castle
Method: To obtain the Mikazuki Munechika, clear the outside stage normally, and then succeed in every mission inside the castle. Defeat Kunoichi seven times (twice on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and once on the 3rd) and she'll drop the weapon.

[edit] Goemon Ishikawa

Stage: Intrusion of Gifu Castle
Method: To obtain the Saijoumai Shishi, steal some treasure and beat-up its owners. Begin by collecting all of the treasure and sealing all the gates on the first three floors. On the fourth beat Kunoichi and wait for Oda forces to appear in two waves. Mop the floor with them and finally kill Yoshinari Mori, who will then drop your weapon.

[edit] Hanzo Hattori

Stage: Crossing of Iga
Method: To obtain the Meisen Marishiten, get Ieyasu Tokugawa safely outta town without him meeting with the several ambush parties you must dispatch. Save Baisetsu Anayama by smashing Hidemitsu Akechi's teeth in. Go knock out Toshimitsu Saitou in the fort and run east. The Tokugawa army will then begin going northeast. That means you now need to crush all the ambush parties that appear on all sides of the fort before lord Tokugawa shows up. Once done with that mess, immediately go northwest to the bridge to intercept a new ambush. Pull a Zhang Fei at Chang Ban bridge and don't let them cross the bridge or escape south-- you must defeat them all without Ieyasu seeing them for the supply team to appear from the west gate and head in a southwest direction.

[edit] Hideyoshi Hashiba

Stage: Battle of Komaki Nagakute
Method: To obtain the Sangai Tousen Monju, keep Tsuneoki Ikeda alive as you succeed a number of missions. Start by wiping out the front line generals. Now go get Yasumasa Sakakibara and Naomasa Ii to keep Tsuneoki Ikea breathing. By now Tadakatsu Honda should of slain Kazumasa Takigawa, enabling your next task: go kill Tadakatsu Honda. Next, knock out Kazumasa Ishikawa and Sadamasa Okudaira on your way over to defeat Tadayo Ookubo and Tadasuke Ookubo. Hanzou Hattori will then leap out of the shadows and attack your camp. Once you get the mission statement to get him, go take him out. This will trigger the supply team to run from the west gat to the fort in the center.

[edit] Inahime

Stage: Battle of Yamazaki
Method: To obtain the Seirei Tenkyuu Aizen, follow a consecutive succession of missions. Prevent any Akechi generals from breaching the Ten'ouzan. Then go beat Mitsuhide Akechi immediately as the Hashiba army will appear. Guard Ten'ouzan again, this time against the Hashiba army generals. Hideyoshi Hashiba will start retreating for the south as the supply team will come out of the gate in the Hashiba camp and dart to the north. Ignore the monkey and get that weapon before Hideyoshi can escape!

[edit] Keiji Maeda

Stage: Dance of the Capital
Method: To obtain the Gouhou Niouson, simply defeat 2000 enemies. Just ignore everyone and start slashing! The supply team will then manifest near the middle gate in the west and scurry north.

[edit] Kenshin Uesugi

Stage: Attack of Gifu Castle
Method: To obtain the Enkou Bishamon-ten, clear the outside battle like normal, but you must succeed in each mission inside the castle. Clear each floor quickly and make sure to kill all the generals too (even the ones hiding in castle corners). Once you get to the top floor a precious item report will come up. Go break the box and get the hell out of there.

[edit] Kunoichi

Stage: Summer Campaign of Osaka
Method: To obtain the Kaisen Kokuan Tennyo, keep all your allies alive as you accomplish all the missions that come up. Keep the morale up and move quickly to succeed. The supply team will emerge from the center and move south.

[edit] Magoichi Saika

Stage: Gun Battle at Yamazaki
Method: To obtain the Byakuyou Yata-garasu, complete the first three missions. So defeat the Oda advance party, snipe at Nobunaga Oda from the north cave, and finally stop the Oda army second wave. Doing so and the supply team will run out of the middle of the east side and run for the south.

[edit] Masamune Date

Stage: Intrusion at Nagashino
Method: To obtain the Souryuu Ashura, simply keep all your allies alive as you defeat every general and subgeneral except for Nobunaga Oda. To make things easy, go to the center of the map and wipe out most of the Takeda, hitting subgenerals outside your base on your way there. Leave one of the Takeda alive and go back home to your main camp to dispatch the attacking Oda army generals. Now you can go back and finish off that Takeda guy. This will keep events in order as you can now rush the Takeda base, killing Shingen Takeda's subeneral and then the big guy himself before he runs away. Then go get the rest of the Oda army quickly so you can rush the Oda base and kill Nobunaga Oda's subgeneral. Doing so will trigger the supply team to emerge from the southeast and crawl north. Get to that supply captain before Nobunaga's retreat to the escape point ends the stage!

[edit] Mitsuhide Akechi

Stage: Battle of Yamazaki
Method: To obtain the Rasetsujin Kinrou, you must accomplish a series of missions while keeping all your allies alive. Start by protecting the east and west gates as instructed by the two mission messages. Knock-out Hideyoshi Hashiba on your way to Ranmaru Mori. Once close, you'll trigger the objective of withstanding his might. This means you must stay near him without killing him for a minute. Don't drain his life too much as he will become your ally if you succeed. Go defeat Nagahide Niwa and clean up the north cave sector of all those ambush troops (as stated in an issued mission). The supply team will charge out of the southeast gate and run up to the gates near the Oda camp.

[edit] Nobunaga Oda

Stage: Revolt at Honnouji
Method: To obtain the Shinmetsu Dairoku-ten, kill all enemy generals while keeping Oichi and Ranmaru Mori alive. Even your wife Nouhime must be put down once she turns on you. Get her before all the Akechi officers are gone. Then a supply team will jump out of the east gate and snake a path for the gate inside the temple. Kill them for the weapon, and then finish the stage by facing your destiny!

[edit] Noh

Stage: Battle of Anegawa
Method: To obtain the Mamushi, you must defuse this whole Nagamasa Azai vs. Nobunaga Oda thing while keeping all your allies alive. Start by killing Kagenori Asakura and Kagetake Asakura as you make your way to the center area to help out Mitsuhide Akechi by defeating all the officers around, except for Oichi. Now go clear out the southeast area before the reinforcements arrive. Okay, now you can go kill all generals Asa except for Nagamasa Azai, Oichi, and Yoshikage Asakura. Then the reinforcements arrive and the Tokugawa army will charge on Yoshikage Asakura. Beat them to the punch by defeating Yoshikage Asakura yourself. The supply team will appear from the middle and scurry for the south.

[edit] Oichi

Stage: Revolt at Honnouji
Method: To obtain the Ruri Benten Kiku, you must babysit the Oda clan. Stomp Hidemitsu Akechi to squash the fire attack (damn arsonists!). Now go assist Nobunaga Oda, Nouhime, and Ranmaru Mori as each assist mission comes up. Once you help them escape the supply team will creep out of the northwest and make a line for the northeast.

[edit] Okuni

Stage: Dance at Kawanakajima
Method: To obtain the Houzou Kisshouten, dance on the top of the mountain (seriously, go up there to complete this mission) and then quickly kill every subgeneral and general of both the Takeda and Uesugi armies except for Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi themselves. Only you can kill them, so be quick to not let your allies help! The supply team will then appear where you danced and run to the east.

[edit] Ranmaru Mori

Stage: Battle of Anegawa
Method: To obtain the Kijin Gohou Tendou, you have to save the day for lord Nobunaga while keeping all your allies alive. Start by saving Nagahide Niwa's bacon by killing any enemies that attack him. Once escorted home, run out and assist Katsuie Maeda and defeat Magoichi Saika before he can bust a cap into Nobunaga Oda. Defeat Masamune Date and Mitsuhide Akechi's army will appear. Run into the Tokugawa camp to get Hanzou Hattori and Ieyasu Tokugawa. The supply team will then sprint out of the southeast in a northbound direction.

[edit] Shingen Takeda

Stage: Battle of Yamazaki
Method: To obtain the Sedai Shinju, you'll be doing close to what Yukimura Sanada did to get his weapon. First kill Katsuie Shibata and Nagahide Niwa. Then go get Keiji Maeda before he enters the mountain in the center. Get Hideyoshi Hashiba when that mission comes up. And likewise for Kazumasu Takigawa and Hanbei Takenaka. Now intentionally fail the mission to cross the Enmyouji bridge before the mist clears. The Oda then will come charging. Support Kenshin Uesugi by killing the generals cropping around him. This will trigger the supply team to dart out of the eastern gate en route to the north cave.

[edit] Tadakatsu Honda

Stage: Battle of Komaki Nagakute
Method: To obtain the Ressou Gou Enma, complete a series of missions. Go take the center fort and get cozy because this is where the showdown happens. You must defeat Hideyoshi's generals while defending this middle fort. That means not letting a single soldier walk through those doors! They'll rush from the north and the south so be prepared. Having 2P player help wouldn't hurt, otherwise rush back and forth the best you can annihilating all that try to pass. Mop up these invaders and you should be clear to then go get those generals. The supply team goes from the southeast to the northeast.

[edit] Yoshimoto Imagawa

Stage: Battle of Komaki Nagakute
Method: To obtain the Hougen Koumyou Henshou, prove your bravery by rushing through the battlefield while keeping all your allies alive. Intentionally fail the first mission and speed over to Ieyasu Tokugawa's camp. Kill Naomasa Ii, Yasumasa Sakakibara, and Chuuji Sakai. Then take out Tadakatsu Honda, and then his daughter, Inahime. A supply team will emerge from the northwest gate and head east.

[edit] Yukimura Sanada

Stage: Battle of Yamazaki
Method: To obtain the Rensou Kaku Rakan, you'll be playing king of the mountain as you rush around completing missions. First kill Katsuie Shibata and Nagahide Niwa. Then go get Keiji Maeda before he enters the mountain in the center. Finally wipe out Kazumasu Takigawa, Hanbei Takenaka, and Hideyoshi Hashiba before any of them also get to the center mountain. This will trigger a supply team to come sprinting out of the gate in the cave to the northwest and head south. </ul>

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