Special Attacks DW6

Replacing the Musou rage tokens from Dynasty Warriors 5, Dynasty Warriors 6 incorporates a new type of item that the player can pick up on the battlefield. These special attack tokens called Tomes can be withheld and activated at any moment by pressing L2, unleashing a character-specific unique temporary attack. The special attacks are divided into only five categories for the 41 characters. These can be incredibly useful when in tight situations such as on the edge of dying, and could be a life saver. the different categories of unique special attacks are all different from one another, each weilding a unique power of there own, from extra speed to a crowd-clearing attack.


[edit] Swift Attack

Description: Your Renbu Rank will turn infinite and enemy attacks will be less likely to have an effect on you.

Optimum Conditions & Additional Effects: If used when your Life Gauge is in the red, you will become even more poweful.

Warriors: Xiahou Dun, Dian Wei, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Sun Jian, Taishi Ci, Huang Gai, Sun Ce, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Wei Yan, Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo

[edit] Volley

Description: Attack the enemies surrounding you with a volley of arrows.

Optimum Conditions & Additional Effects: If you use it against enemy archers, then you will defeat them in one blow.

Warriors: Xiahou Yuan, Cao Pi, Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Quan, Liu Bei, Huang Zhong, Yue Ying, Yuan Shao

[edit] True Speed

Description: Your character's speed will increase, allowing you to use powerful attacks while dashing.

Optimum Conditions & Additional Effects: If used when mounted on a horse, then your steed will burst forth with incredible speed. (You can also mount a horse while using this skill)

Warriors: Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Zhang He, Zhou Yu, Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, Ling Tong, Xiao Qiao, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Guan Ping, Diao Chan

[edit] Rockfall

Description: Bring down rocks around you, depleting the life of the enemies hit by the rocks.

Optimum Conditions & Additional Effects: If used at the top of a slope, then the rocks will roll down the slope, causing damage to even more enemies.

Warriors: Sima Yi, Cao Cao, Lu Meng, Pang Tong

[edit] Fire

Description: Start a fire around you, depleting the life of the enemy.

Optimum Conditions & Additional Effects: If used within a base, then the base will be engulfed in flame and deplete the life of even more enemies.

Warriors: Zhen Ji, Lu Xun, Zhuge Liang, Zhang Jiao

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