[edit] General Rules

  • If you land on an opponents square you must pay him/her a determined amount of gold
  • You may choose to take the land from your opponent if you pay the value of the land
  • If you land on an opponents home square a fee much larger must be payed
  • You obtain gold based on your rank and the territories you own
  • You need gold to buy territories
  • You only roll one die at a time; barring if you land on a Shrine Square

[edit] Rolling Dice

Below you can find out what Rolling the Dice can do for you on certain squares:

[edit] Shrine



3: Roll to earn bonus gold


5: Horsecart - Roll both dice and move again


7: Survey - Move to any unowned square

8: Spy - Move to any square owned by an opponent

9: Pilgrimage - All flags automatically collected

10: Charity - Pay 1/10 of your gold to the player in last place

11: Field Trip - Go to any square you'd like

12: Chase - Slay as many fleeing enemies as you can

[edit] Squares

[edit] Haystacks

  • You may buy these lands to claim as your own
  • Prices depend on how many barrels of hay there are on the square

[edit] Castle Squares

  • These are squares owned by another player
  • You must pay a fee when landing on this square
  • This fee ranges in price depending on how luxurious the castle on it is
  • You may also pay the value of the land to attempt to take it

[edit] Shrine

  • You get an extra turn to roll the dice for an added benefit

[edit] Home Squares

  • These squares are where you must return upon collecting your flags
  • Returning home with these flags will up your level and stipend (gold)

[edit] Port

[edit] Challenge Games

Annihilate - Defeat as many enemies as you can

Steal - Collect as much gold as you can

Chase - Chase down as many fleeing enemies as you can

Destroy - Break as many boulders as you can

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